2+0, 2+0, 1+1 Configurations 820C (And

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I have been trying and failing to work out the answer to this question.
In the context of the grab below from the document shown, what does 2+0 mean?
Call it X+Y
These links seem to hint that X refers to the number of discrete P2P links.
And what of Y?
Planning PTP 820C 1+0 and PTP 820C 1+1 links
PTP820C 2+0 Configuration for 2Gbps?

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I am reliably informed of the following

It’s a config thing for example a scheme of 1 + 1 means that one transceiver is active, and one transceiver is in standby. The advantage of 1 + 1 is that only one licensed frequency channel is needed. The primary transceiver is initially active, transmitting on the selected channel. If a fault is detected, the primary transceiver is muted and the secondary transceiver becomes active on the same channel.

If you refer to the configuration as X+Y, then X= the number of links over the PTP hop, and Y=the number of standby links. For example, 1+0 means 1 link on, no standby links. 1+1 means 1 link on, 1 link on standby. The 2+0 system in the drawing shows an 820C or 850C with both cores coupled together to pass 2 links to the other end, with no standby links.
One 820s / 850s can support 1+0. Two 820s / 850s radios are required for 1+1, with appropriate splitter/coupler devices. 820c / 850c with 2 cores give much more flexibility, and can be configured in systems up to 4+0 with 2 radios on each end.
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@DaveClelland it does indeed help a lot thank you very much