2.4Ghz ePMP LITE (10 user) GPS Synced Access Point

There should be a 2.4Ghz LITE Access Point for ePMP.

If there is a 5Ghz Lite GPS AP, there should be a 2.4Ghz Lite GPS AP. I do understand that the ePMP 5Ghz Lite AP grew out of the Force 110 PTP Point to Point Backhaul, and since there isn't typically a market for 2.4Ghz Backhauls, I do understand that there wasn't really a 2.4 Force PTP Product to start with.

However, this isn't a matter of designing a new product - it's just a matter of the Marketing and Licensing people deciding to do it. On the 5Ghz products, the Force 110 PTP and the 'Lite AP' are really the identical hardware - no difference whatsoever, just software. So, in the 2.4Ghz products, I'm not asking to build a new product line, since a 'Lite AP' would simply be the same GPS Synced Connectorized Unit Cambium has now, but with a 10 SM license.

For companies like us, with over 100 Access Points in the air that we want to swap over to ePMP - the cost difference is staggering. If we could deploy these as 10 Unit AP's for now, and expand licenses as needed, that would remove a substantial barrier to converting everything to ePMP.

Thank you.