20-50 Mbps broadband Plans PTMP

Dear Frds,

this is my 1st post in this community.

i am using Ubnt products all arround in my wisp network, but now i feel that i cannot able to offer 20-50 Mbps Broadband to my customers,

as we all know that the demand of speed is getting very high day by day, so we must have to offer atleast 20 Mbps broadband plans.

however ubnt have introduced airmax Ac but its not enough stable to offer 50 Mbps plans in PTMP setup.

did cambium have something which can fullfill my needs and yes which CPE i must use at client side.

forgive my ignorance for cambium products.


Hey there wireless11... welcome to the Cambium forums!

It's a little difficult to answer your question, but yes, I do believe that with proper planning you can use Cambium products to deliver upwards of 50mbps to subscribers. Both the PMP450 and ePMP product lines can be used to achieve this, however, you'll be able to offer 50mbps packages to more subs per sector using Cambium's new PMP450m 'cnMedusa' access point.

We currently offer a maximum of 20mbps to our subscribers on a combination of ePMP 2.4, 5, and PMP450 2.4, 3.65, and 5GHz platforms.

Keep your modulation/SnR levels high, and keep your over-subscription and sub counts in check and you shouldn't have any problems achieving your goals.

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thanks for reply sir,

but you didnt tell which radio i must use at client location for CPE,

i under stand your suggestion for Access point.


@wireless11 wrote:

thanks for reply sir,

but you didnt tell which radio i must use at client location for CPE,

i under stand your suggestion for Access point. 


Cambium, unlike some other wireless manufacturers like Ubiquiti, have pretty straightforward and simple SM (service module aka client radio) choices. For the ePMP line, you'll want to probably use Force 200 products to ensure the highest SnR/modulation. For the PMP450 line, you'll want to make sure you use reflector dishes with your SM's, again to ensure highest SnR/modulation. You'll also want to make sure that you purchase PMP450 SM's with unlocked licenses in order to achieve 50mbps or more throughput at the SM.

There are some additional SM options for both ePMP and PMP450 that you could use depending on your deployment characteristics.

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Hello Wireless1

There are many flavors for cambium and everyone use different equipment for different case scenarios.

I believe everything will get better when you get to know cambium technology in real time with deployements and the results will be fantastic.

I personally deployed ubnt AC a while ago and it was terrible with results.

Cambium has the ePmP line with the most commun radios

1-the ePmP1000 access point connectorized with gps sync (about $495.00 each)

2-the ePmP1000 cpe radio connectorized with no gps syn (Client side) (About $100 each)

We use ePmp1000 connectorized radios with gps for acces points

For this configurations we use syc when we need to re-use the frecuency at the same tower with 4 sectors.

For some other cases we use the AP's without syc in flexible mode.

Both options give us really nice stabillity and throughput.

Most clients CPE's are connected from 30 to 80 Mb, most clients are over 5 miles from the AP's

We have clients 7 miles away at 65Mb and 20 Mb at 14 miles.

Our area is the worst regarding spectrum and noise, but somehow we managed to get the best of cambium.

One of the secrets are using the ePMP1000 connectorized CPE radio with ubiquiti dishes  by incorporating the cambium - ubnt adapter ez-epmp bracket.

Always run spectrum annalisys before choosing the channel

Do not use your channels over 20 Mhz

When possible, use ubnt 45 degrees antennas for the access points when there are high interference zones

I guess the rest of details you already know by deploying ubnt around.

Hope it helps


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There are couple of new products that cambium is  pushing out to the market, the  cnMedusa pMP 450m and the ePmP 2000.

The ePmP 2000 will be compatible with the ePmP1000 AP's and CPE's, but if you are starting from zero better get into the ePmP 2000 for high interference areas, or simly go with the standard ePmP1000

I forgot to mention that snMedusa and ePmP2000 are in pre-order phase I believe and should be out sometime this sommer, correct me if I'm wrong, but I havent seen any deployement yet.


More info about ePmP2000 is here http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-2000-and-1000/ePMP-event-June-07-register-now/td-p/54590


We have been successfully offering 25, 50 and 75 Mbps plans in our area using ePMP 1000’s and Force 180s and 200s as SMs. We have clients at 4 miles getting 50 Mbps reliably. We keep AP load to under 20 SMs (typically 15 per AP).

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