3.2 bug in wifi mode

when using a 5ghz lite AP in wifi mode  under noise for a long period of time, i've had  a unit lockup wireless air interface twice.    the reboot on the CLI returns  timeout: no response from local host, and the reboot button in the gui gives me the gui motions of a reboot, but the radio will not actually reboot or pass traffic.  bounced from the switch restored service both instances. 

this radio had been attempted to install elevate license which failed of course, but was loaded anyway while waiting for the full listened for this radio.   this radio had ran fine as a wifi AP for a few months in 2.6.1 without any trouble.     this particular radio locked up at 17 hours uptime, and 12 hours uptime. both times required a power cycle from the switch to restore its access.  

the other radio i've put elevate keys in did not have any issues, but they are all full APs and CPEs were converted shortly after upgrading to 3.2

Hello Chris_Bay,

We will check described issue.
I will keep you updated.

Thank you.


Looks like there is another user (Maggiore81) experiencing similar behavior with an ePMP2000 running 3.2 also.



This issue is reproduced(unstable behavior) and will be fixed as soon as possible.