4.7.1 firmware has been released

4.7.1 is now out of beta.

currently testing in our lab setup but so far looking good.

so far it is behaving exactly like rc24 which was released only a short while ago, but time will tell!


Nice!! Some very nice features added, especially the Seamless channel switching and Primary AP reconnect. Ill be able to test over the next few days.

I just updated a small epmp3k sector with only 2 sm’s so far and I noticed there’s additional frequencies available (US FCC 5840 - 5885) but there isnt any mention in the release notes.

Was that something added to Im coming from 4.7

5.9GHz STA support was added in 4.7.1 for legacy ePMP 5GHz N/AC radios and 5.6.0-RC26 for e4k 5GHz AX radios. The rational is that the FCC is approving all 5.9GHz STA’s anyway, and other equipment manufacturers are issuing 5.9GHz capable firmware without restrictions. That being said, you should only use the additional 5.9 channels if you have a valid FCC STA.


What is the FCC STA license fee? Can’t find a link to get the fee cost on the FCC site. Thanks.


So 4.7.1 passed the lab but already we are seeing a problem, the SMs webpage ignores all connections from wan side until cnmaestro “touches” the SM, usually with a link test. This usually happens about 4 to 8 days of system time, wireless link time doesnt seem to matter.

My config is simply a management vlan and a client data vlan with NAT on the radio.

Other than this, so far everything is going good.

Just curious, what other manufacturers have enabled 5.9G up to this point?

Mimosa and Tarana both make 5.9 capable firmware available without restriction. Ubiquiti used to provide a special signed 5.9 capable firmware for AF5XHD and LTU radios on approval, but it appears as though they’ve discontinued that program.