450i 900 POE polarity requirements

In the spec sheet it clearly states 20~30v for the POE voltage for the SM (and PTP product).  Is it required that this be cambium-specific polarity (4,5 - 7,8 +) or will "typical" passive POE work as well so long as the voltage is in the correct range?


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It looks like per this post standard/typical 4,5 + 7,8 - should work just fine?

The 900MHz PMP450i *SM* was designed to be an easy replacement for existing 900MHz PMP100 customers. Therefore, it is the same Cambium standard Canopy 29.5VDC -4,5 +7,8. Do NOT try to put passive 48VDC into it.

The 900MHz PTP450i is just SM hardware. Same power/POE rules apply.

As far as I'm aware, all other 450i gear supports the 802.3at standard.

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I'm specifically looking at running the 900Mhz SM and PTP units on "standard" 24v passive POE and hoping not to have to swap + and - on the radio side of the  ethernet cable.

I don't want to let the magic smoke out, obviously.  


No, what I'm saying is, it's Canopy polarity. Which is *reverse* from "standard" 24v POE. i.e. the reverse of Ubiquiti, MikroTik, etc.

Yes, the ePMP Force180 and 200's will accept either polarity. I LOVE this.

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That's the clarity I'm looking for.  

I too love that ePMP finally supports either polarity, saves quite a bit of time when swapping gear from other manufacturers out.

It's a bummer that these units aren't polarity agnostic too, but I'll live.