PMP450 & PMP450i POE Pinouts


I have been eyeing up the PMP450 line for a while now, and now bought some demo units to mess with. We have had some PMP100 equipment deployed in the past, but I am more used to dealing with Mikrotik and Ubiquiti.

At this point I would like to do some test deployments but I am really having a hard time figuring out how to power them up on our towers. We currently use Netonix WISP Switches for the sites in question, and they do "standard" passive 24v/48v poe along with powering all 8pins in 24v and 48v. I am wondering if/what I am going to fry if I do the blue-brown pair swap. Also is it possible to get gigabit out of it this way? (Based on the target channel widths, gigabit isn't a deal breaker as I don't see us using more than 10Mhz)

Since the switches are up the tower already, the cable runs will be very short so I don't think I will have to worry about the voltage drop on the 24v output. I have searched for a good few hours and I can't seem to find a clear answer. I would like to stick with the current POE switches for the sake of keeping things simple and not having to rewire the tower. I have a 2.4Ghz/3.6Ghz PMP450 and a 5.8Ghz PMP450i for testing. From my understanding, the PMP450i will be happy with standard 48v POE so that shouldn't be an issue (But I have been wrong before).

Thanks in Advance!


PMP 450 AP & SM uses 22 - 32 VDC as input power. However, we need 29/30VDC POE supply to power up these units.

PMP450i AP & SM radios uses 48 - 59VDC (802.3at compliant). So, we need to minimum of 48VDC power supply. 

However, only PMP450i 900Mhz SM uses 20-32 VDC. So, we need to 29/30V power supply to power up this unit.

We can use a standard Ethernet Straight through cable pinouts. 

PMP450-AP, PMP450i AP & SM all these radio support 1gig Ethernet speed. 

However, only PMP450-SM support upto 100Mbps Ethernet speed.

I have attached all these radio spec sheets for your reference.

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@Support_Vijay1 wrote:

PMP450-AP, PMP450i AP & SM all these radio support 1gig Ethernet speed. 

The CMM4 (rack version) has 1G ethernet ports?

The CMM4 rackmount is 10/100mbps only.


Thanls for that information. Do you happen to know what the +ve feed and Return pin outs are for the PMP450 (AP) verse the SM?

Thanks Nick

The pinout for the PMP 450 SM carries voltage on pins 7 and 8, and return on pins 5 and 6. 

For the 450 AP, it is a gigabit port, so will carry voltage on all pin pairs.