820 "repeater" mode?

In one of the 820 webinars the presenter mentions this repeater mode for the 820C that would use one core for pipeA and the other core for pipeB --if I understand this correctly.  How is this physically done? Will this allow data for site A and site B? If this is what I think it is, this is a huge feature that you don't hear anything about.  I don't see much in the user guide about it other than how to configure it in the quick setup.  Where can I find more info on this?

Hello there,

The PTP820c is a powerful solution.

Multicarrier ABC is the feature I believe you are referring to

  • Create logical bundles of multiple radio links
  • Optimise for wireless backhaul applications
  • Enable separate radio carriers to be shared by a single Ethernet port
  • Provide double capacity, while still behaving as a single Ethernet interface
  • In ACM conditions, the links could be in different modulations; in this case, data is distributed proportionally in order to maximize the available bandwidth.

The attachement details the traffic distribution.

Dave & Allen from Cambium have posted on this topic