820 Wide vs Narrow


I noticed on LINKPlanner on the Narrow radio I can still select 80 MHz channels. Furthermore, I;ve heard of a customer that uses the Narrow version of the radio but is able to use 80 MHz channels. Is this true? This goes against what I believe Allen Yu posted in 2014 that the Narrow version Radio has a hardware limitation of 60 MHz.

If so, what is the difference between the two radios? (PTP 820S Radio 11WGHz... vs PTP820S Radio 11GHz...)



Please see Allen's post here on the differences between the Narrow and Wide radio: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/PTP-820-Licensed-Microwave/How-to-distinguish-which-radios-support-80-Mhz-channels/m-p/36384#U36384

In LINKPlanner, when one selects an 80 MHz channel with a Narrow radio, the capacity is limited to the same capacity as a 60 MHz channel, and the channel selection for center frequencies is based on an 80 MHz bandwidth.

Notice that the FCC doesn't allow the use of 60 MHz channels in these frequency bands, so one has to license the link as per the LINKPlanner selection.

In LINKPlanner, when one selects a Wide radio, the only channel size that LINKPlanner shows is 80 MHz. (Note above in Allen's post the key words: "up to 80 MHz".)

How then, should one plan links with 30, 40, etc. MHz channels using a Wide radio?

Select the Narrow radio if you need to plan links with 30, 40, etc. MHz channels using a Wide radio.

Be careful when ordering, and be careful when generating the proposal and installation reports.

I hope this helps!


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Yes I had already read that forum post but it didn't address why LINKPlanner says the Narow can do 80MHz. I do understand though, it will only use 60MHz due to limitations, but it is licensed from an 80MHz channel because FCC won't license a 60 MHz channel in the 11GHz spectrum.

Thank you again for the clarification!


There are customers who don't want purchase a wide band radio and just want use the 60 Mhz radio for the 80 MHz channel they licensed for.

if we don't have 60 MHz for 80 Mhz supported in Linkplanner, they will not be able to do any planning. and that is the reason why it is supported in LP.