820c throughput with protection


does the 820c support a Gigabit link while using path protection?


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I have forwarded this to the support and product teams.

The simple answer is yes.  However, there are multiple PTP820 products and configurations available.

In a PTP820S 1+1 we make use of 1Gbps optical connections for data redundancy.  You won't go more than 1Gbps full duplex in this setup.

In a PTP820C 2+2 setup (which I think your question is referring to), the maximum supported channel size is 60MHz, which will keep the throughput limited to 1Gpbs full duplex.  We also make use of 1Gbps optical connections for data redundancy.  This is also the case for 2x2/4x4 LOS MIMO.

If you end up designing these in LINKPlanner, I would recommend choosing the PTP820C (narrow) SKU when designing.  You still choose an 80MHz wide channel, but the occupied portion will only be 60MHz.  You can purchase a narrow or wide SKU (both will do 60MHz wide channels), but LINKPlanner won't allow you to select anything higher than a 40MHz wide channel if you design in a wide SKU.

I would recommend working with your Cambium sales team in order to determine 100% accurate BOM prior to purchasing.


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