Access VLAN on XV2-22H or other AP

I am not seeing how to override an individual AP port’s VLAN in cnMaestro. I must be missing something. The only 2 ways I see to do it are put the AP in a different group which I think would create some roaming issues. Or override in the GUI which gets lost on the next sync.

How are others doing MDUs with ePSK & dynamic VLAN per unit setting the extra ports to the access VLAN ID assigned to that unit?

Welcome to the party…

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Thank you Springs! You described it much better than me! Did you submit a feature request on the cnMaestro forum? This is a pretty fundamental feature for MDU applications. I will bring it up with our account team. In the meantime, I guess I will try the User Defines Overrides.

If you read the whole thread… I gave in and decided I will put a RB260GS in the rooms.

I don’t use Cambium Switching. And the 2 ports of the XV2-22H are not sufficient for most of my installs.

The Ruckus H510 and H550 had been the answer for me for years in my bars, restaurants, offices, etc.

4 ports is kind of the “sweet spot”

But the price of an XV2-21X + the RB260GS is pretty much a wash with the XV2-22H. The annoyance is that I have to have 2 wires rather than one.

I used to Use all Ubiquiti EdgeSwitches. So the 8 port switches could sit on the desk and be powered from the rack.

Now that I can’t get MOST of the edgeswitch line… I have shifted to the CRS260GS “at the desk”. It can be driven by the MIkrotik or Ubiquiti switches.

My 24 Port Layer-3 Switch with 450 Watts is $425. TO put that CRS260GS in the room is about $40.

Yes, we’ve used a ton of Ruckus H5xx over the years and been very happy, other than the constant EOL of devices for new software releases. We started using Cambium when we couldn’t get Ruckus and pretty pleased so far.