ADI Communication Failure


the following message is shown in my SM PMP450 web interface.

" ADI Communication Failure" .

What does it means ?

If the message is persistant it is a hardware failure.  

I have the same message on one of our radios. You say its a hardware issue, would you by chance know which piece of hardware is damaged that gives this message?

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I've more than 20 SM with this error (I'm a WISP and each day I've to replace at least one customer's radio for this problem).

It would be nice if you can provide us a MAC Address list of these radios with hardware failure.

There is an ongoing investigation into this.  We will keep everyone in the loop as we discover more about this particular failure mode.

Thanks for your patience as we dig in.


We get this failure for new pmp450 SMs out of the box about 1 out of every 100

I have a small pile waiting RMA depending on when I have the time to deal with support and the extensive amount of hoops they make us jump through

If this is a known failure can you please ask your support to streamline this process for out of the box failures?

A list of affect MAC's would be very helpful.  Until it's fixed, we are spending precious labor/electricity on this:

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We have found one of these as well. Any update or resolution to this?



Please open a support ticket for this error.  We are aware of certain serial numbers that are more susceptible, and the support team will very quickly be able to tell you.  If this error is not cleared by a reboot, then it is likely a hardware failure and will require RMA.

You can read the FSB with some specific serial numbers here.

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I have seen this failure outside the list of affected serial numbers, but none since last fall.  New production seems OK.  They don't necessarily fail right away, I've seen it happen after 3-4 weeks in service, after the first month if it hasn't happened I don't think it will.

Did you maybe have an old production unit on the shelf or from your distributor?

Apparently these are still being distributed.  Our technician just had 2 of them in a row.

I just submitted a support case on this as well.