Antenna alignment video

Learn the basics of aligning antennas in 10 minutes. Post your questions and comments to this thread.


What is the name of the android App???

The Android app for 450 installation is not yet released.  It will be called cnArcher, but is not yet available publicly in the Google Play store.

It is planned to be released in 15.2, which is coming in November.

We do have a beta version, which will become "open" very shortly... stay tuned.


Thanks for the info

its out now on the play store

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Didn't find this video very helpful.  Basically he says, just look where you want signal to be with your AP and that's where you aim it.  When you have SM's at 110 degrees of seperation, that kind of guess work doesn't fly.

And for the SM he says point it at the tower and login to the radio to do the fine tuning.  When you're 10+ miles away, it's hazy or adverse weather or aiming at a site that's not very big (ex. a wooden service pole that's only 20' tall) it can be extremely hard to find where you need to be aiming to begin with.  
I take a short piece of EMT and a pair of binoculars and place the flat side of the EMT against the back side of the radio and then lay one side of my binoculars against the far end of the EMT and look through the other side of the scope and aim towards the tower.  You have to lay the EMT horizontally and then vertically to get both axis.  Works perfectly, I literally never have to fine tune using the GUI.


Great tip... this may help others that cannot really see the other end with the naked eye. What would REALLY be great is if you could film yourself performing this trick and post it for everyone else to see!

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Good video!

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Thanks for the tips!



Well, I am looking for tips to align a 130 km wireless link. We will use binoculars and compass but i think we need more than that.

What you think about this? What another instrument can we use?


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I have forwarded this to our support team

Thanks RayS!

I'll be waiting for the feedback. 


I'd recommend planning the link in LINKPlanner. Not only will it provide you with the predicted RSL and associated throughput and reliability, it will also allow you to generate an installation report with azimuth from magnetic and true North as well as up-/down-tilt. That will give you a good starting point for the antenna alignment. From there you can then align each end, one at a time, to acquire and optimize the signal to match the LINKPlanner prediction. 

CN Archer

the video is good but i was expecting more technically

What technical information is missing? We can certainly add to this and make it more robust if there are unanswered questions.