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Found this video very helpful. Please name the android application.

great video

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Its actually a good video, but a demonstration sort of, using the linkplanner for a proposed install on a physical site would have made the video more educative.


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plz what is the name of the android App ?

almakaby, the app is called cnArcher. You can find more info here  or you can search for cnArcher in the Google Play store. It's the first hit that comes up.  

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¿For the installation of a point-to-point link, is it necessary to carry out a vision study?

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Good Video, Is Link planner free or paid software?

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LINKPlanner is free. You can find out more about it at


What is the maximum height to the outdoor antenna to AP?

I am not exactly sure what you mean, so making an assumption here... if I am not answering your question, please post a response.

If you are asking the maximum cable length from Radio to antenna (for radios with connectors that use coaxial cable to connect an external antenna), then this depends on how much loss in total gain you can tolerate. As the coaxial cable length increases, there is additional loss.

If you are asking the maximum cable length for the Ethernet PoE from the power supply to the radio, then this is specified at 100m.

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Good point and video! Additional suggestion using the Google Map, place the coordinate point of both AP, and draw a line between the 2 AP point. Then Identified the landmark or anything in between the 2 points that can be use as reference/guideline to point at. Phone compass will be a good reference/guide. Link Planner is also require for finetuning. Good point highlighted by presenter is always start with 1 AP antenna alignment/pointing, then follow with another AP antenna, vice versa until the direction is correct/connection is up. DO NOT adjust simultanousely on both AP antenna as it may be difficult to alignment/get connection up. Once the direction is correct, then next will be finetuning. Hope this helps ! Thanks.

Before installing or setting up a point to point , it is always recommended to go for a site survey on a sunny clear day, do not do site survey on windy, cloudy, hazy or rainy day that may prevent vision of site surveyor. However this site survey may be with additional cost for installer as require man power/tools for site survey. Hope this helps ! Thanks