Backup Configuration for Devices in cnMaestro

It,s a very useful to have a backuo of the JSON file  of all device connect to cnMaestro

It's a feature so important I just assumed it was there. Apparently, it isn't and now I don't have a configuration backup of my device that got factory reset, forcing me to go onsite.

I submitted a similar request. I didn't realize that this was already Under Consideration.

I was surprised that after our switch from Unifi to Cambium with all the great things going for Cambium this wasn’t available. There’s NO option to back up your settings from the cloud account in any way?

[Edit] I originally wrote “any reasonable way” but noticed that there isn’t even an unreasonable way available AFAIK … :wink:

Should be dead easy for them to punch a json file into a bucket every time a config change is being pushed via cnMaestro.

But here we are in 2022 with no easy way to do it across each platform.