BDC Submission Errors

Seeing the following errors:

Propagation Model Details

  • Column calibration_flag is of the wrong data type.

Fixed Base Station Carriers

Column technology is of the wrong data type.

Fixed Link Budget Parameters

  • Column cell_load,channel_bandwidth,eirp_per_subcarrier,mapl,minimum_signal_strength,required_sinr,required_subcarriers,rx_antenna_gain,rx_noise_figure,rx_sensitivity,spectral_efficiency,subcarrier_spacing,technology,thermal_noise_power_per_subcarrier,total_eirp,total_margins,total_noise_power_per_subcarrier,total_rx_losses,total_subcarriers,total_tx_losses,total_tx_power,tx_antenna_gain is of the wrong data type.

What is the corrective actions?

I see, there are fields I need to fill in in the exports.

Is there a cheat sheet on this of the fields and options, like Technology code for cbrs 450 and EPMP, etc

further realizing this has all probably been addressed

For PMP450 all of these values can be harvested from the new PMP450 Capacity Planner with BDC support.
(Make sure to select the one with “BDC”.)

Considering that we are 2 days out from the deadline I think I would recommend to take the cnHeat polygons and convert them to locations using this process. In that way none of this supporting data will be required.

Also, there seems to be a way to do this inside the BDC portal. As I understand it you upload the polygons to the BDC portal. The portal then provides the ability to review the submitted data. You can download the location data from there. If you delete the polygon data and submit the location data that was just downloaded you will not be required to provide the supporting data.