Big applause for the new version of cnMaestro 3.1.1-r9!

Once again Cambium proves that NOBODY has any control over what is going on there. Up to the previous version, including the clients view, it was possible to see whether someone who used the authentication portal passed it correctly or not (i.e. the login statuses true / false).
Now ? And who needs it, the WiFi4EU is running out, you don’t have to bother anymore.

Currently, it is not even possible to check if the login portal is working properly !!!
Status connected says nothing !!!

Hello Managers? Does someone in your company control what is happening?
Or maybe you will make this functionality paid as you are in the habit of recently?

disappeared from the main dashboard
current channel


While the on premises’ version is still 3.1.0-r1

On a mobile browser, you can no longer see anything about customers, nothing is getting better

Hi Pshemo – the Auth Status is still present. The Clients table was getting large and required lots of scrolling, so we worked with the product team to prioritize the display. Auth Status now needs to be chosen in the Column Selector. An example is below. Note “1” is now displayed instead of “true”, and we will fix this. The scrolling issue is less apparent in the mobile display (which scrolls down instead of right).

Hi MW_WISP – we expect to release the on-premises upgrade package for 3.1.1 (which can work with the OVA or AMI) in the next couple weeks. On-Premises testing has its own complexities, so we tend to separate the releases to account for this additional validation.

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3.1.1 has introduced a large number of bugs, we have open tickets for.

No notification of when this was happening.
No documented changelog (and no having to watch a video be be informed of the changes is not acceptable).


Yes a lot of new BUGS !

Where are logs ?
Why Events are empty ???

Bug Bug Bug Bug !

Hi @PFR can you please invite in your account?

It does not work on the 60 controllers I manage. Putting on a new one will also not work!

Don’t you have any test environment before uploading something to production! Have mercy! this is already below high school!

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I will write this one last time.
You do not have and do not carry out ANY test scenarios before uploading the solutions to production, both in cnMaestro, as well as in cnPilot and ePMP.

I wrote about it to managers in the USA many times, but as you can see, it does not impress them.

I’m just wondering what will happen now if the services will report system logs in connection with the crime. What are cnMaestro cloud users to say? I am very sorry but Cambium broke the software? It is at least very strange :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


As for the statuses, you can actually turn on, but for people with no math or computer education, the numbers 0 and 1 say nothing. And not all cloud managers are computer scientists or mathematicians. The words false or true were much easier to understand and more readable in the cloud itself.

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Can you clear the browser cache and relaunch the browser and share the picture here… I think this is related to browser cache…

It works, but it shouldn’t be.
Not everyone clears the cache every time the browser is started, I still think that this is one big misconception in this version.

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Next BUG !!!

This is now a drama, hotspots fly out every 10 minutes !!!
Someone really should be fired!

About client status and empty fields ?

I understand you, I’m often as angry as you are now with Cambium, but I think your attitude, today, is not helping.



Honestly, I have had exactly 7 months of deteriorating quality with Cambium. Problems reported repeatedly, no one will take them into account. There is no improvement, no consequences. Are you surprised that I have enough?
I have 2 projects to deliver by tomorrow and the hotspots are acting like I’m on the hunt. Once they are once they are gone. There are no logs because you need to clear the cache etc. etc. Where is the limit. Unfortunately, I am STILL forced to do European projects with Cambium. Fortunately, soon :slight_smile:

The IP address field for most all of our ePMP SMs is now showing N/A. Seems to be fine for everything else: ePMP APs, 450 APs and SMs and cnPilot.

I came across one ePMP SM displaying the LAN IP instead of the management IP, so I rebooted it through cnMaestro, and it came back up with the correct management IP address.

I am seeing the exact same thing, no IP’s listed for my ePMP SMs. This is awful, needs to be fixed or reverted to previous version fast.