Cambium POE for 450b, 450i and 450m

I have read the datasheets and have not been able to get a firm answer on how to power these devices from other methods other than the poe injector.

I’d like to use a Mikrotik HAP AC3 for the 450b and a Netonix with the 450i and 450m.

I have read that crossover is needed but unable to 100% confirm that as the poe injectors for both of these devices say the + goes over pins 4 and 5 which I am reasonably sure is the regular standard?

Please be careful when using PoE injectors other than those recommended by Cambium.

For 450b, please see this thread for the proper power pinout:

For 450i, you can safely use any 802.3at power injector (Netonix is capable of this). The product requires ~17-18W of power, so ensure that it’s 802.3at (and not only 802.3af).

For 450m, the radio requires ~80W of power. I am unsure of the power specifications of the Netonix device… but you need to ensure there is adequate power being provide. It’s the same pinout as 802.3at, but with a very high wattage requirement.

Let me know if that helps you.

Hi Matt,

I guess my question is a little more direct as I had a look at the datasheets and they weren’t very helpful which what pins are what.

For example, when I look at the AF5XHD radio from Ubiquiti it says ""24V 1A Passive Power over Ethernet Pins 1, 2, 4, 5 (+) and Pins 7, 8, 3, 6 (-) “” Therefore I can determine that Netonix 24VH will work just fine - 24v 4 pair

RE 450b
So, I take it that I can use a Mikrotik HAP AC3 poe out (eth4) which is POE over 4,5+ and 7,8- at 24V to power this 450b high gain and mid gain?

RE 450i
Netonix has the ability to send 24V, 24VH, 48V and 48VH. Since I would be powering the 450i with a Netonix switch, which of these settings should I use for Cambium radios?
If I send power over all 4 pairs will I fry the 450i radio?
Is the 450i using the standard pinout that (for example) Ubiquiti style uses?

The POE adapter that comes with each radio has a lable that gives you the exact information you require unless its the poe brick for ptp600 series, which that info is in the user guide.

I know not really helpful but its where I found it.

The 450b pinout is referenced directly at the link in my post above. As noted, the 450b is “polarity agnostic” and the 24V coming out of the Mikrotik should work for you.

For 450i, you need the 48v power (I am unclear on the 48V vs. 48VH distinction). It is compliant with the standard 802.3at. Power over all 4 pairs will not damage the radio.

Gotcha. The 48VH that comes out of Netonix just means that it sends power over all 4 pairs (8pins) versus the 48V that sends over just 2 pairs. I have destroyed radios in the past by sending 4pair poe to them instead of 2pair…which is the reason I ask. We are 100% about this? I would hate to destroy a $3500 radio :slight_smile:

I have been assured that this is safe, yes. If you destroy it based on this advice, please reach out to me and we’ll figure it out.

Great to hear Matt, thanks for the response. I’ve ordered a 450i and some 450b to try out. If I have any issues I will let you know!


Can you confirm that the 450b Retro is also polarity agnostic?

Yes, the 450b Retro has the same power circuit as the other 450b radios, and is polarity agnostic (30 VDC input).