Can Roaming PMP for 450i?

I have a PMP450i installed at sea, can the 450i use roaming? can anyone help me?

Hello @Reynaldi_Prastya

You absolutely can, I’d recommend each AP having the Nomatic license enabled to achieve this; I wrote a little about this in another post.

thanks, so if i wanna have a topology like this and i want to use roaming with 450i, i just having nomadic license? but this AP will used on ship and then maybe must have intelligent positioner maritime broadband isn’it? or is it okay to use intelligent Positioner nomadic wireless broadband?

Is there a reason to use an AP on the boat? There is an Omni-Directional PMP 450b plus you can turn the PMP 450 MicroPoP unit a Subscriber.

If you require both a subscriber and a AP on the boat, use colour codes and freq to segregate the units