Can't access WPA2 key in cnmaestro

Hello, we deploy R200/201 routers and manage them for our ISP customers and use Maestro to do this. 

We used to be able to "View Device Configuration" in the cloud and find the WPAPSK1 field to see what the password is when the customer forgot it. This is exactly what the customers pay us for is to answer this question and change the password if they want.

But now when I view this field, the password is scrambled with a bunch of random characters. I can no longer see the WPA2 password and tell the customer what it is.

I have emailed support and they said this is now normal. If this is the case, I can say we'll halt our deployment of R200/201 routers immediately if we aren't even able to tell our customers what their WiFi password is. 

This needs to be fixed ASAP. Anyone else agree on this?




We understand gravity of the situation and will look into it on priority basis. Please gives us sometime and we will revert back with resolution.



In 4.2.3 passwords are not shown in cleartext when exported, these are encrypted. This change was done for security purpose. The idea is when user sets the password and exports it to share it to someone to load it on some other device , only authorised user should know this and this should not be circulated with config file.

But if you have pushed the config from cnMaestro , you should still be able to see the password from the config template and tell this to customer.

Can you please let us know whether the config was done from cnMeastro or from device ?

If config is exported from device , please change the password from cnMaestro in template and push it again & this can be shared to customer.

Please let us know whether this resolves the issue.

Hi Darin,

  Hopefully the ability to see the password in clear text from cnMaestro will meet your needs.   We have had the exact opposite requirements from a number of ISPs, asking us to scramble the password  on the router for security purposes. By maintaining config files, you should be able to still meet the need to inform customers of the password. Hope this helps.

A very regular support request is "I forgot my wifi password" so removing the ability to see this in cnmaestro would seem a poor choice to me.

Resetting wifi passwords, viewing them, setting port forwarding and dhcp static leases probably most common tasks we encounter with router support for end users.


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Hi Timothy ,

cnMaestro is still have the capability of viewinfg wifi password and resetting them .

you can go to Templates which were used to push changes in router and you will find wifi password in clear text .

you can reset it from template by providing again a clear text and next time when you want to see it , it will be same

clear password.

Could a tool be created in cnMaestro to not only view the password, but change it?  The conection from cnMaestro to the CM router is a secured connection, right?  This would make tech supports job alot easier.  

We don't create a template for every router we deploy as the tech just logs in at the site during install and sets the password on the router directly. Then we used to be able to go and view the device configuration to see the password in clear text when we got a phone call asking for the WiFi password.

With scrambling the password, now we can't see what it was set to. The only thing we can do is change the password and now the customer is mad at us because they need to enter the new password on all the devices (phones, computers, tablets, smart TV's, thermostats, etc.)

We absolutely need a way to see what the current password is set to. Again, we do not use templates for every new router as the tech just sets it on site. I'm not sure why an ISP would think a WiFi password needs to be scrambled in cnMaestro. We use this platform and purchase R200s to provide a "Managed Router Service" and if we can't even tell the customer what their password is, we'll stop buying Cambium and switch to another platform that allows us to help our customers. 

I'm very disappointed this hasn't been fixed yet. 

Thank you

Hi Darin,

Could you please share your email address , we will try to address this ASAP.


Any updates on the status of this request?



Hi ,

We are working on developing a new method in cnMaestro which should be able to address this .


We too also need to see the passwords in the R-200 routers that we deploy at each of our customer's locations. 

A new version of cnMaestro is under Beta and will be released out in next 2-3 weeks . this change is added  where you can go back and see your WiFi Passwords.

Here I am 4 years later setting up my first R195W router with cnMaestro

I am just like the original poster…we did not want to create a wireless LAN config for each customer device. Just set the WiFi password in the router.

Why is the WiFi password not visible in the local router interface or in cnMaestro cloud running * 4.6-R16 on the R195W ?

I see over here this seems to be a current issue:

I think it is 12345678

I must to have the ability to display the WiFi password without entering a new password

Log into router
Click on Wireless 5GHz tab
Click on WPS (WPS needs to be enabled)
under WPS summary
WPS Key (ASCII) - next to the square is the wifi password

Thanks…that works for 5GHz. I changed the WPA passphrase on 5GHz and the new password displayed on the WPS page.

Any suggestions on how to get 2.4 GHz password to display? These steps on the 2.4 GHz radio do not work to display the current password.

I program both passwords the same.