Pass phrase for R195W

I have looked through the manual and also searched everywhere.

Does anyone know how to find out what the default pass phrase is for the wireless in the R195W? As soon as you click on the box it goes blank. If the customer puts one in and they cant remember it how to we find out what it is?

Log into router
Click on Wireless 5GHz tab
Click on WPS (WPS needs to be enabled)
under WPS summary
WPS Key (ASCII) - next to the square is the wifi password

Default is 12345678

Looks like that works for the 5Ghz but not the 2.4Ghz

Maybe something to keep in mind on the next firmware update.

Are you not able to set a new pass phrase? Even if you dont remember the old one, it should allow you to set a new passoword.

Yes you can set a new one but there is no way of knowing what the current one is. Would be better during a service call to be able to see what the old one is to add a new device instead of having to change it and then reconnect all the devices again with a new one.

Not a big deal but definitely should be able to look and see what the current passphrase is when logging into the GUI.

Hi Jonathon,
that is by design, because it could be a privacy thing. We will consider the eye icon on the device UI.

Sounds good. Every other router we work with has the ability to retrieve the passphrase if you have the login credentials to the management interface. It may not be as easy as clicking on it but it can be retrieved. I looked through cnMaestro and did not see the option there either.

Not sure that this is a huge issue but it would seem to be something that might help in certain circumstances.

Also wanted to add here that this is achievable already, if you are managing R-series configuration via cnMaestro AP group (In WLAN object).

Does every service provider create a AP Group to configure every individual customer’s home router? If I have 500 R195W do I need to have 500 AP groups defined to allow each customer to choose their own password? Can users change their own WiFi password if an AP group or template is applied to the R195W router?

We typically setup a different SSID for each install as the customer requests. We do have a group setup for the office but have no plans to setup a separate group for each customer. Also the SSID/Passphrase information would need to be available to the Field Service Tech in the field. Honestly the 5Ghz wireless has the information available. It just seems it may have been overlooked in the 2.4Ghz wireless area. I think it would be wise to add it in.

The only other issues I have had with the Field Service Techs was the 16 device limit on the wireless SSID. This does not happen frequently but fortunately it is an easy adjustment in the wireless configuration to increase the limit of wireless devices.

That is an interesting question. I wonder if there was a default created and the customer went in and changed it it would update in cnMaestro. I am pretty sure that there is a user “useradmin” that allows the customer to make changes to the SSID/Passphrase and some other minor things. I would have to investigate to make sure it is this model that does that.

No, a single AP Group is sufficient. The AP group provides multiple levels of overrides to facilitate per customer parameters , and also auto generation of values using custom variables. If you are using cnMaestro Templates, there is no problem if end users later make changes to the wifi password etc.
If you are using AP group, then also it works, with the only downside that config will show “Not in Sync” in cnMaestro, once user changes stuff locally. Also if the AP group has “auto sync” enabled, then the end users changes will get overwritten (so you should not have “auto sync” enabled for such use cases).

No Jonathon, local changes are not pulled up into the AP group, it would remain on the device though.

can you help me identify this ?

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I was referring to the admin page in the router. You can see the passphrase for this 5Ghz radio but not for the 2.4Ghz radio.

We will try to address this in the next release 4.8, by providing an “eye” icon next to PSK.

Any idea when 4.8 is scheduled to be released?

Following. Very interested to have this ability.

@ashutoshdatta Please make sure this is included in the 4.8 release. Thanks!