Can't configure as LAN IP

It looks like since release 3.5.2 we cannot configure the IP address of LAN as as we used to.

Our standard configuration was with NAT+PPPoE.

We configure LAN address to be, but now we get an error like this:

IP Address : Value is equal to default local IP

Is there a workaround or is planned to change in a future release? is the default backdoor IP address of the ePMP device. This is the management IP that is always reachable from the ethernet interface regardless of the radio configuration. 

If you'd like to use this IP for the bridge IP, then consider changing the backdoor IP address to something else. Details of how to do that can be found here:

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That bit me at first as well.  I ended up changing our 'default config' file that we push to every radio before deployment so that the pre-assigned IP is, leaving the backdoor at  (for APs I change the backdoor to  It still answers to, which our techs are trained to expect out of the box.

you can change the backdoor IP via cli as Sriram's post points you to, or you can edit/add the field ""networkLanDefaultIP": "" in a JSON config file (or via cnMaestro), or set it via SNMP as "networkLanDefaultIP.0".