CBRS Template - Downtilt?

The CBRS template references “Electrical and Mechanical Antenna Downtilt (degrees)”. Please confirm: does a positive value in this template represent the antenna aiming downward?

[A positive downtilt technically means the antenna is aimed downward. A positive tilt technically means the antenna is aimed upward. I want to confirm so we are not entering incorrect data here as I am working with both CBRS and cnHeat templates. The cnHeat template explicitly defines sign, whereas the CBRS template uses different language and does not.]

Thank you, Chris

There was a discussion about this recently:

Positive downtilt does indeed mean that the antenna is pointing downward.

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Thank you for the confirmation, and the associated reference.

I wanted to confirm since I usually expect relative consistency with Cambium, and there was an inconsistency in this circumstance.

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You can blame WinnForum for this.

It sounds like they did it correctly, it would just be nice to have explicit clarity since Cambium has internal variation.

The cnHeat spreadsheet states (completely):

AP Tilt (Down is “-”, Up is “+”)

The CBRS spreadsheet states (I think, incompletely):

Electrical and Mechanical Antenna Downtilt

I think they should add the same sort of note so it is clear:

Electrical and Mechanical Antenna Downtilt
(degrees, Down is “+”, Up is “-”)

[Then, separately, all of the Cambium antenna datasheets should show "downtilt" as positive down, negative up; or use the word "tilt" instead. Listing downtilt as negative down is technically incorrect.

Other manufacturers appear to correctly list downtilt as postive down (i.e., Ubiquiti, KP Performance, Mimosa, etc.).]

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