CBRS Template v16 vs LINKPlanner

This doesnt work. the import says the template is not correct. Please get this patched ASAP this is a process breaker


What version of LINKPlanner and CBRS template are you using?

Are you using an on-premise version of cnMaestro? If so, which version?



cloud cnmaestro and current linkplanner 5.4.3. Ive already been told its because you guys need to update the export format.
In the interim is there a tweak to the export? We can have staff cut and paste but thats begging for errors
If there is a save as trick even would be nice. I tried emoving the problem columns, but it still will not accept it. Its probably something dumb like a version check

Well thats dumb, all you have to do is edit the v15 field to say v16 on the instruction tab of the export

Thanks for the update. I believe that the CBRS features are updating pretty quickly in cnMaestro and we didn’t know that the template had been updated. We’re trying to put things in place to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, but there since we have different release schedules it’s always a possibility that the two applications will be out of sync for a short while.

At least you have a work-around that you can use for now. If it is just the version number, then you can edit the template file “C:\Program Files\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner\data_files\cbrs\cbrs_template_v15.xlsx”. Don’t change the name of the file though. Windows will try to protect the files under “Program FIles”, so copy the template to another location, make the changes and then copy it back and overwrite the original template.

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that is pretty slick, thank you! That will be way easier than having staff edit the export every time

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