CBRS v15 Import Sheet - Cheat Sheet/Quick Reference guide

Here is a Cheat Sheet/Quick Reference guide for the v15 cbrs_template.xlsx I put together for the support team that I think maybe helpful if you are new to CBRS and are looking at using the sheet to bulk add devices on a sector into the CBRS Management Tool in cnMaestro.

Hopefully, this can help answer some questions you have about the import sheet.


cbrs_template_v15 - Cheat Sheet.xlsx (57.8 KB)

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Where can I get the current CBRS Template?

You can find the blank Import Sheet in the CBRS Management Tool in your cnMaestro instance.
If you click on “Services > CBRS > Management Tool” and then click on “Import Sector” you will see the “Download Template” dropdown.

You can download the current Excel (cbrs_template.xlsx) or Libre Office (cbrs_template.ods) from there.

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