Change SNMP Site Name PMP430


There is any option to change the SNMP/Site Information/Site Name on the 430 family?

We have nearly 700 equipments between AP and SM and we need to change their names, but we cannot find any command in telnet session neither snmp write value on Cambium MIB 


Hi Dcarmona,

I tried to replicate and push the  Site Name using the SNMP as well and I can only able to pull / Get the Site name of the SM using this OID . but not push / Set the  Site Name. 

Thank you Support_Goluka,

I think this OID is wrong because I get the Site_Name of the first subscriber with LUID2, not the Site_Name of the AP. 

And at the time I ask this OID to a subscriber I get "No Such Instance"

Looking and asking in other old messages at Community Cambium Networks, Cambium Employee Balaji Grandhi gave me a possible solution:

I tried and I got the Site_Name but I cannot still push/set a value.  

I still don't know if it's possible to push/save a value on Site_Name parameter. 

Thank so much for your attention and help

I've honestly never worked with the PMP430 line, but with the older Canopy products and the PMP450 line, you can just read/set the generic SNMP field sysName.0 for this.  That generic field is tied to the system name set in the UI.