CMM5 Controller Network Operation

The Network page includes four tabs, Interfaces, Static Routes, Firewall and Diagnostics. Provisioning and editing of the network interfaces using the Interfaces page is covered in the Controller Configuration section of this document. The Static Routes and Firewall tabs can be used to view details about the network configuration of the Controller, while the Diagnostics tab supports basic troubleshooting tools.

View and Add Static Routes

The Static Routes tab shows the IPv4 or IPv6 static routes configured on the Controller, if any are present. New static routes can also be provisioned from this screen.

Note: It is not expected that the operator would need to add static routes for normal CMM5 operation.

View and Modify Firewall Settings

The Firewall tab shows details of the current Controller firewall configuration on the Controller. There are four sub-tabs on this screen: General Settings, Port Forwards, Traffic Rules and Custom Rules. The following modifications may be made to the firewall configuration:

  • Basic firewall settings
  • Add, edit and delete zones
  • Add, edit and delete traffic rules
  • Configure router ports and port forwarding rules
  • Configure source NAT
  • Define custom rules

It is not expected that the operator would need to edit the firewall settings for normal CMM5 operation.

Diagnostic Utilities

The Diagnostics tab provides several utilities for network troubleshooting on the Controller. The following diagnostic operations are available:

  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • NS lookup

Perform the following steps to use one of the diagnostic utilities:




Enter the desired IP address in the field corresponding to the diagnostic operation to be performed. In the example below the ping tool is selected:


Click the appropriate button to run the utility.


The results of the operation are displayed on the Diagnostic screen upon completion:


Once you have selected an image, click Flash Image to upload it to the controller. This will take a few seconds to complete.


After the controller uploads the selected image file the Flash Firmware – Verify screen is displayed.

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