CMM5 Controller System Operations

The System page includes five tabs, System, Administration, SNMP, Backup / Flash Firmware and Reboot. These tabs provide information about the Controller and its network connection. Use of the System, Administration, and SNMP tabs is described in the CMM5 Controller Configuration section while the Backup / Flash Firmware tab is covered in the CMM5 Firmware Upgrade section.

System – Reboot

The Reboot tab allows the operator to manually reboot the Controller. Perform the following steps to reboot the Controller:

Note: The configuration on both the Controller and the Injectors is preserved through the reboot and there is no interruption to the Injector operation.




From the System screen, select Reboot.


Click the Perform reboot button to initiate the reboot.


The Controller indicates that the reboot is in progress.

Note: The reboot process takes approximately 30 seconds to complete. 


Log into the Controller as root using your password.

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