CMM5 Injector Initial Startup

Perform the following steps to bring up the Injector for the first time.




Connect the cnPulse or uGPS to the uGPS port on the front of the CMM5.


Connect the power to the CMM5 Power Ports marked “Primary” and optionally for  “Secondary”.


Once the unit is powered the uGPS light will flash green momentarily then yellow for approximately thirty seconds then go back to green. Once it turns green the unit is ready to supply timing to the radios.


Connect the devices to be timed and powered to the ports marked “TO RADIOS”.


Connect the CMM5 Ports to your switch or router via the ports marked “TO SWITCH ARRAY”.


The CMM5 ships with all four RJ45 “To Radio” ports enabled for power and sync.


The CMM5 ships with one long rack mount ear and 2 short rack mount ears. When installing a single CMM5 in a rack, install one long ear and one short ear on the unit. If you are flush mounting your CMM5 on a wall or in a cabinet install the two short ears rotated 90 degrees toward the bottom of the unit.

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