CMM5 Injector Operation: Read the CMM5 Injector Status

The following paragraphs describe the operating procedures for a CMM5 Injector in standalone mode (Controller not present).

Note: When a Controller is present the Injector operations can be run entirely from the Controller GUI interface. (Refer to the CMM5 Controller Operation section for details.)

Perform the following steps to read the current status of the Injector:





Run the TeraTerm terminal emulator and start a serial session to the Injector COM port.


Execute the following query command to read the Injector status:



The Injector responds with the current status as shown below:

Read the CMM5 Injector Status_3.png


The Injector type (56V or 29V), chassis temperature, sync status and power supply status are shown on the second and third rows:

Read the CMM5 Injector Status_4.png


The remaining four rows detail the status for each power port, including the port status, voltage and power drain, fault status and fault count, as described in the key below:

  • Port status:
    • S = power and sync enabled
    • E = power enabled, sync disabled
    • D = power and sync disabled
  • Fault status:
    • 1 = fault condition present
    • 0 = normal stauts (no fault)
  • Fault count:
    • 0 - 3 = number of  faults recorded since last port reset

 Read the CMM5 Injector Status_5.png

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