CMM5 Safety and Regulatory Information

This section describes important safety and regulatory guidelines that must be observed by personnel installing or operating Cambium wireless equipment.

Important safety information

To prevent loss of life or physical injury, observe the safety guidelines in this section.

Deployment in Restricted Access Area

Cambium Synchronization equipment including the CMM4 and CMM5 are to be deployed in areas with access restricted to authorized personnel only.  The equipment must not be accessible to public access.  Gaining access to the equipment must require special security access, physical locks and/or tool access.

Equipment is intended for installation in Restricted Access Area" /“Les matériels sont destinés à être installés dans des EMPLACEMENTS À ACCÈS RESTREINT.

Power lines

Exercise extreme care when working near power lines.

Working at heights

Exercise extreme care when working at heights.

Grounding and protective earth

Units must be properly grounded to protect against lightning. It is the user’s responsibility to install the equipment in accordance with national regulations. In the USA, follow Section 810 of the National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA No.70‑1984 (USA). In Canada, follow Section 54 of the Canadian Electrical Code. These codes describe correct installation procedures for grounding the outdoor unit, mast, lead‑in wire and discharge unit, size of grounding conductors and connection requirements for grounding electrodes. Other regulations may apply in different countries and therefore it is recommended that installation of the outdoor unit be contracted to a professional installer.

Powering down before servicing

Always power down and unplug the equipment before servicing.

Primary disconnect device

The AP, SM, or BHs unit’s power supply is the primary disconnect device.

External cables

Safety may be compromised if outdoor rated cables are not used for connections that will be exposed to the outdoor environment.

RF exposure near the antenna

Radio frequency (RF) fields will be present close to the antenna when the transmitter is on. Always turn off the power to the unit before undertaking maintenance activities in front of the antenna.

Minimum separation distances

Install the AP/SM/BH so as to provide and maintain the minimum separation distances from all persons.

The minimum separation distances for each frequency variant are specified in the product’s corresponding User Guide.

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