cnArcher 60 GHz Mobile Appication

cnArcher 60 GHz, an Android and IOS app intended to simplify configuration and alignment of Cambium cnWave 60 GHz devices. cnWave 3000 supports configuration and alignment tabs whereas cnWave 5000 and 1000 supports only configuration tab as of now.

The app communicates to the Device LAN port over the Mobile device’s WIFI. A portable WIFI router can be used to establish this link.

Getting Started

cnArcher app WIFI configuration

Users need to configure WIFI from Android / IOS settings.

Configure WIFI in Android

  1. Go to Android WIFI settings
  2. Select your SSID.
  3. Select ‘Static’ for IP settings ( DHCP will also work where we need to set the 169.254.1.x subnet in router with DHCP server enabled )
  4. Set ‘IP address’ to 169.254.1.x network (other than Node LAN IP)
  5. Set ‘Gateway’ to
  6. If ‘Subnet’ is asked, provide the value as

Configure WIFI in IOS

  1. Go to iPhone WIFI settings
  2. Select your dongle interface
  3. Change Configure IP from automatic to manual
  4. Set IP address to 169.254.1.x network (other than as SM is access through this IP)
  5. Set Subnet mask to

cnArcher 60 GHz initial set up

cnArcher 60 GHz application scan for device with default IP, with username and password as admin/admin respectively. User can modify the default configuration in Settings screen.

Home Screen

Once the app detects the device, user is taken to the Home Screen. User can also view the status of E2E and Link status by tapping icon which is available in all installation screen.


Quick Actions

cnArcher 60 GHz supports configuration and quick align for cnWave devices. Tap on ‘Start’ button in home screen for these options. ‘Configure’ allows user to perform configuration and alignment. ‘Quick Align’ allow user only for alignment.


Allows user to perform quick start configuration for Client Node, Distribution Node, and PoP Node. No configuration change is supported if device is onboarded to E2E.

Configuration supported for CN and DN

Configuration/Node Client Node (CN) Distribution Node (DN)
Wireless Security :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
Relay Port :heavy_check_mark:
Sector 1 Channel :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

Configuration supported for PoP Node

Configuration/Node PoP Node
Point of Presence :heavy_check_mark:
E2E Settings :heavy_check_mark:
Sector 1 Channel :heavy_check_mark:
Border Gateway Protocol/Static :heavy_check_mark:
Advanced Config :heavy_check_mark:

Configuration of DN:

Configuration of CN:

Configuration of POP:

Below is the configuration for BGP and static in POP:


Alignment is supported only in V3000 devices. Sector 1 channel configuration is mandatory for CN and DN to start alignment. If Link is active, user needs to disable Ignition for the link and send disassoc from E2E controller before starting alignment. Below picture represent the alignment of V3K local node -V3k remote node

Alignment Screen

Alignment in Progress – Swipe horizontally to view Local Node & Remote Node.

Time Frame graph

Note: Before starting software alignment, please visually align the local node to the remote node using an alignment tube or scope. Please adjust the azimuth and elevation alignment to position the highlighted cell in the centre of the plot.

Install Summary

Summary comprises the configuration and alignment summary performed by user. Summary can be shared as PDF from Detailed Summary.


Work Order

User can access the history configuration or alignment using Work Order feature.

Report A Bug

Report A Bug feature enables user to share logs with development team for any issues with cnArcher 60 GHz app.

Demo Mode

If you are just getting started with cnArcher 60 GHz, check out the “Demo Mode” feature from the app’s main menu. When in demo mode, you can step through the cnArcher 60 GHz installation sequence without actually having a cnWave 60 GHz device. The app simulates that you are installing a cnWave 3K device.

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