cnArcher v1.2 available for iOS

10/1/2020 v1.2.2 Update

The official release is now available in the app store. Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta program.

Joining the Beta Program

Install Testflight on your iPhone or iPad. Next, click here using the iPhone or iPad to join the cnArcher beta.

6/24/2020 v1.2.1 Update

  • "Set Preferred AP" button for ePMP SM now works
  • RADIUS username and password configuration for ePMP SM now works
  • Configuring onboarding key for PMP and ePMP is now optional. You will need to configure this only if you are trying to onboard an old SM with an MSN smaller than 12 characters, to cnMaestro cloud.
  • With Force 300-16 (integrated antenna) SM, app no longer displays incorrect warning asking user to configure antenna gain
  • Fixed issue where app reports "No APs found" with ePMP SM after AP scan
  • It is now possible to download beta versions on SM images

6/1/2020 Update

  • Version updated to 1.2
  • Fix for issue where clicking in "Menu" button would cause the app to crash
  • Fix for issue with WPA2-PSK key not being configured on ePMP SM

Please open Testflight on your phone to install the update.

What's New

  • Support for installing ePMP SMs
    • "Quick align" support to realign already installed SMs
    • Support for "Installation Summary"
    • Support for "Work Orders"
  • "Report a bug" feature 

Please use the "Report a bug" menu item to report bugs. 

Known Issues

  • 80MHz channel width is not supported with ePMP yet
  • When sharing installation summary via email, photos included in the installation summary are not included

When I click on the link on iphone and it opens testflight it shows me cnarcher version 1.1.21 with a release data of 5/4/20. I do not see any options for 1.2.

@Mahaska, that is the right build. You can install 1.1.21 and use it with ePMP. We will change the version number to 1.2.x in the next update. 


Thank you.

What I'm finding is my iphone starts out with 169.254.x.x then at points during the process it loses connectivity to the SM. When I look the details of wireless I'll see the 169.254.x.x address gone, I'm guessing it is sending a discover and reverting to null. The phone eventually returns to 169.254.x.x and in some cases I'm able to complete the process of registering the SM to the AP. In the cases where it does once my phone receive a public internet address via the SM I'm able to finish the onboarding process. Are there any known issues like what I am experiencing?


Please configure a static IP of 169.254.1.x (but not as that is the SM) on the iPhone for the WiFi network.

With Android, the app is able to control the WiFi settings for the user. But on iPhone, this does not seem possible. So you have to make sure that the iPhone can talk to the SM at