CnMaestro - cnPilot e410 "Device was busy"


I found issue from CnMaestor Cloud can't sync config to AP. please check images.

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Is there any packet loss going from these APs to the cnMaestro in the cloud? If there is none, pl reboot those APs when no users are connected to them to avoid any impact. After they come back, try sync from AP's configuration page on cnMaestro if they are still found to be not in sync.

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I can't do also reboot and factory reset. I founded  same error. 


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Yeah, I'm seeing basically the same issue with an E410 not syncing to Maestro. I am running over a client-base trunk link. The device shows connected in cnMaestro, but shows not in sync.

Looking through support pages I noticed this known issue for cnMaestro 2.2.1

"CNSSNG-7372: Auto sync always times out if the device IP changes during auto sync"

So to troubleshoot, I stripped out all other IPs except for the sole management L3 interface, all set for DHCP and I still cannot get the settings to sync up in cnMaestro.

I wanted to reach out to this thread before I try to reboot the AP with it being both remote and on the base-client connection model.

Is there a guide for setting up a base-client AP on a vlan that isn't the default 1 that I could refer to to verify nothing else is out of place? Or is this sounding very similar to what OP has run into?

Thank you.

Hi gervais90,

What is the Not in Sync reason listed in the Configuration tab of the device?

If it is due to a failed configuration attempt, click the Details tab and scroll down to the Configuration History section.  That will list the last three configuration attempts and their result.  Hover over the latest Failure to see the actual configuration error.

We've improved this in the next version of cnMaestro to display this error in the Configuration tab itself.

The status shows as skipped. The reason shown is "Device was busy".

I'm not really seeing any other reasons listed on here.

Also, when I'm on the device configuration page within Maestro the Sync Status continually has a circling dot graphic that does not change to say any other sort of status.

Is this with On-Premises or Cloud?

Mousing-over the spinning icon might give more information about what the device is busy with. If it lists a job that still exists you can Abort the job with one of the buttons on the far right of the jobs table.

There was an issue fixed a little while ago where devices could get stuck in an "Updating" state if the job that was updating them was deleted during the update. 

If this is the case some intervention will be required to get the device unlocked.  Please open a customer support ticket and we can investigate further.