cnMaestro 2.2.1 (On-Premises)


This document highlights new features and significant updates in cnMaestro 2.2.1 On-Premises.


cnMaestro On-Premises 2.2.1 is a Package release rather than a full OVA image. It must be applied on top of an existing 2.2.0 On-Premises installation. Please follow the steps detailed in section 6.2 of the cnMaestro On-Premises 2.2.0 Quick Start Guide (“Updating cnMaestro Software”) to perform a package update on an existing OVA.

Important: Web Browser

You may need to restart your browser (or clear the browser cache with a hard reload) after the update.

Important: Database Indexing Banner

Once the backup data is successfully imported, the following banner will be displayed in the top of cnMaestro On-Premises UI, and it will remain there until the indexing is completed.

ePSK Support for cnPilot Enterprise

WPA2 Multiple PSK (ePSK) support for cnPilot Enterprise APs allows Client authentication based on a list of valid PSK passphrases, which are optionally tied to a specific Client MAC address. The VLAN parameter can also be specified.

The ePSK feature is available in the Enterprise WLAN configuration of the UI, or through the RESTful API.

Hide Default Configuration Templates

Optionally hide default configuration templates by choosing “Custom” option in Template Type drop down.

Hide SMs in Network Map

By default, Subscriber Modules are hidden, to avoid cluttering the Sector Visualization view.


SNR Graphs for PMP SMs

The SNR (Vertical and Horizontal) performance graphs are added for PMP SMs.

MSP Access to Operator and Monitor Users image.png

Operator and Monitor Users in the Base Infrastructure can now access MSP (Managed Service Provider) accounts with the authorization of their respective roles.

Fast SMS Gateway Support for Guest Access image.png

Support for Fast SMS Gateway is added for Guest Access.

Debug Option for cnMatrix Switches

User interface to execute CLI commands on cnMatrix switches as part of Debug option. This feature is supported on cnMatrix switches running with software version 2.0.5 or higher.

CPU Usage Graph for cnPilot Home (R-Series)

Added CPU Usage graph for cnPilot Home APs.

CPU Usage Graph for PMP Devices

Added CPU Usage graph for PMP devices.

API Updates (On-Premises) image.png

New APIs



WLAN ePSK API (Section 21)

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk

List of ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk/generate

Generate ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk/delete

Delete ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk?expired=true

Delete expired ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk

List of ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk/generate

Generate ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk/delete

Delete ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk?expired=true

Delete expired ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk

List of ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk/generate

Generate ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk/delete

Delete ePSK entries

/api/v1/wifi-enterprise/wlans/{WLAN Name}/epsk?expired=true

Delete expired ePSK entries

Supported Cambium Products

cnMaestro supports the following Cambium Networks products. The software versions are the minimum required to use cnMaestro (not the recommended versions).





cnPilot R200, R200P


cnPilot R201, R201P


cnPilot R190V,  R190W


cnPilot R195W


cnPilot E400/E500


cnPilot E410/E430w/E600


cnPilot E501S


cnPilot E502S


cnPilot E700


ePMP 1000 Hotspot

ePMP 1000 Hotspot



ePMP 1000, Force 180/200


ePMP 2000


ePMP Elevate


ePMP Force 190


ePMP Force 300


ePMP Force 300-25


ePMP Force 300-16

ePMP PTP 550


ePMP 3000


PMP 450i, PMP 450, PMP 450m, PMP 430 SM


PTP 450, and PTP 450i



PTP 650


PTP 670 (650 Emulation)


PTP 670, PTP 700


cnReach (Beta)






Supported Browsers

cnMaestro supports the following browsers:





Internet Explorer

11 and above


45 and above


49 and above

Microsoft Edge

44.17763.1.0 and above



9 and above



45 and above


49 and above

Significant Fixes

The following issues have been fixed:




RSSI chart difficult to read.


PTP 650 missing graphs with SW version 50650-01-47.


Unable to move to Manage Users page by clicking on Users tab from tree and Add Users from Home page.


Mass job deletion can leave devices stuck in a locked state.


PTP650/670: Performance graphs are empty with build 1-47.


cnPilot R series devices getting upgraded from below 4.3 version to 4.5-R7 needs to be upgraded first to 4.4.2-R2 and then to 4.5-R7.

Known Issues

The following issues exist:





WiFi Guest Access does not work with Microsoft Edge Browser

Guest Access on cnMaestro does not work with Edge browser on cnPilot 1.4.0-r12 with 3.2.1-6 and 1.5.0-r4 with 3.3 beta builds.

Workaround: Users need to use supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (IE) 11.


Failure to load success page after quick pay authentication


Error contacting server when clicking on Orange Money button


DHCP errors after cnMaestro Reboot

When cnMaestro On-Premises is rebooted, after Data Import, sometimes DHCP and Disk Errors are encountered.

Workaround: Explicitly run the dhclient command from the Command Line (accessed through the CLI) after reboot to assign the IP address.


Captive Portal Auto Login fails with latest Android devices

Workaround: Whitelist the URL for Google (*


RADIUS Proxy drops packets after retry exhausted

After RADIUS Proxy Retries are exhausted in cnMaestro On-Premises, all subsequent RADIUS packets are dropped.

Workaround: Reboot cnMaestro.


Access token is expired after data migration

Workaround: User has to generate a new token after the migration.


Auto sync always times out if the device IP changes during auto sync


ePMP: “No GPS Sync” or
“GPS Sync Down” alarm/event not raised in cnMaestro

ePMP devices are not sending the GPS Sync status events to cnMaestro when GPS Sync is down or there is NO GPS Sync.

Also for PMP GPS SYNC events, details shows sync source instead of indicating whether the GPS SYNC source is up or Down.


Certificate export is not part of Data Backup and restore

Certificates must be exported manually.


While Migration is happening moving or deleting a device from the Managed account will mark all the events and alarms as undefined once migration is completed


MSP images not imported on server when exported in 1.6.3 and imported in 2.1.0 

Workaround: Customers need to apply 1.6.3-r39 build and then import the data to 2.1.0


Radio Software Update is not happening for EP based devices.

Where to Get Help

There are a number of places to get help with cnMaestro.

Cambium Community: The cnMaestro Forum provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information.

On-Premises Quick Start Guide: This guide walks you through the initial management process and allows you to get onboarded quickly. It is embedded into the cnMaestro image and can be accessed on the Home Page of the UI. It can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Cambium Support website.

Cambium Support: The Cambium Support team is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.

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Does this update fix the issue of the /devices API endpoint returning duplicate devices? I reported the issue here:

I was told this issue would be fixed in 2.2.1 but the changelog does not report it as one of its fixes.


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The issue with the /devices API endpoint is fixed in 2.2.1 though it is not listed under the significant fixes. Please update with 2.2.1 and let us know if it is working okay for you.


Updated and can verify it was fixed. Thanks



with the new update I cannot enter the radio with the Dashboard and clicking on the IP address in

Subscriber Module Details.
Thanks a lot


We have restricted to https only in 2.2.1 release. 

Please refer to the below link to enable https based on the device model.

Thanks a lot, another question:

i've been update the server but the LQI indicator it's the same: N/A; i don't understand why; the SM's Firmware it's; i've been try to upgrade one SM at 16.1 but nothing has changed.

Best Regards


Could you please unicast me with the engineering.cgi or cnut file from the device? 

My email address is

Hi, I imported the new package, applied, and the vm rebooted.  After the reboot, the version at the bottom of cnMaestro still says 2.2.0-r60.  However, reapplying the package indicates the software is indeed updated to 2.2.1-r32 (and so does the version.json file in /opt/cnmaestro-server/ directory).

Is this merely a display bug?  I do not see the new SNR graph, however maybe it takes time for that to appear after population?


Ok I reverted the vm and tried the package update again.  This time I saw the progress bar in the UI, whereas before it did not activate.  I remember having a similar issue with the OVA update.  Anyway, it looks to be working now.  Thanks!

Hi there,

Joseph MacGregor - Principal Wireless Engineer at BHP Iron Ore here.

Can you please make this an option and release a fix as we currently have 841 PMP devices with only HTTP set. As we are a production mining operation we can not easily change these all to https and reboot our devices.

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Will there be any way in the future for devices to adhere to configuration templates.

I am aware that you can push conifguration out via templates however it would be great if we could place PMP AP/SM's into certain groups and ensure they match a baseline configuration. Perhaps alerting us if a configuration has been changed from the Blueprint.

If you are familiar with Cisco and SolarWinds Node Config Manager it would be similar in functionality.

I've seen that when you create some vouchers, they start the expiration from the creation.

It will be helpful if can be choosed that they start the countdown to expiration from the first use of the code.

Exemple: I create a voucher with 2 days expiration. When the costumer claim that voucher, maybe 3 days after i give the voucher to him, the 2 days expiration start from the first time the costumer insert the code in his device the first time.

In order to improve visibility, I recommend that you also post your suggestions to the Ideas section.  That way they won't get buried in this release thread.

Do a search to see if something similar has already been suggested and upvote it.  This is used to gauge interest.

Having difficulty finding answers to the upgrade path from 

So I've backed up the data.  I've installed a new VM with 2.1.0r22.  I assume it'll be easier to upgrade the 2.1.0 data to 2.3.   I tried upgrading it directly to 2.3 just for fun and of course it didn't work.   
Error "Failed to import Data" is all I get at 25%.  
(Fyi I remember there was compatibility errors with Firefox so I tried different browsers with the same results) 
Any other logs I can check to see why?