cnMaestro guest network tunnel

Hi all,

Im trying to set up a separate guest network with internet access only.

I have configured the tunnel from the WAP to the cnMaestro VM, but not being a linux guy, Im unsure how to set up eth1 and then forward the guest network traffic out of eth1 directly to the internet.

Is there anyone who has successfully got this tunneling working?



I hope the following  KB articles will help you and you can chose any one of the solution based on your requirement 



Hi KR,

Thanks for the links, but Im really looking for some practical help with configuring the L2GRE/EoGRE tunnel concentrator feature on cnMaestro.

I have seen the doco on the L2TPv2 tunnel to a router, but Im hoping to get the tunnels that terminate on the server, to drop out on a DMZ style network with a DHCP server enabled with direct (But NATed) access to the Internet.

Management does not want Guest traffic to have access to out internal network, and I dont want to have to manually configure each AP.

Anyone already using this feature?



HI ,

   Try this documents it will help in l2gre tunnel configuration between AP & cnMaesto .


Radhamohan singh

Hi Radhamohan singh,

Thanks for the link.

I have got the tunnel between the AP and the cnMastro working ok.

Im really looking for how to configure the other side of the cnMaestro server. I need to add an additonal eth1 network adaptor and then point it at an internet connection after stripping the VLAN tags off.

Hoping someone has already done this, and Im not looking to be the first to try.



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Did you found the right configuration for eth1, I'm looking for how to do it too


Hi Tx,

No, I have not had any success with this.

I have added another interface in Ubuntu, and enabled the settings in the management.

I used a packet sniffer, but no traffic was detected on Eth1.

I am hamstrug by the ESXi  licence we have, and cant enable VLAN's on the host.

I have coverted it to Hyper V, but it screws up the security in the process.

Let me know if you have any success with this. Please.


Hi Tx,

         Mail me your setup diagram & configuration 



What was the solution to this?