cnMaestro Guest Portal Access

I’ve been searching and found a few references to this guide, but the link no longer works:

Is that guide available somewhere?

You can just about read it via the Internet Archive, although the formatting is completely broken:

As far as I can tell, the article has been deleted. I don’t know why - perhaps the information isn’t correct for newer versions of cnMaestro.

What are you trying to achieve? Maybe there is a more up-to-date document somewhere.

Thanks Simon.

I would like to set up Guest Portal in cnMaestro, and have an AP allow users Free Access through an AP once they’ve associated to the SSID.

I followed this guide for the AP’s networking setup:

And I’ve set up the Guest Portal and splash screen in onprem cnMaestro, and the AP is onboarded. The Guest Portal Name is set in the AP as well, and matches what is in Maestro.

A user can connect, and get an IP, but they are not able to access the internet or see a splash screen. I was wondering if a white list entry needs to be added for our on-prem maestro, or anything else I may have missed.


I believe adding our cnMaestro On-Prem’s IP Address to the whitelist was the last step in getting this to work. It would be nice to have that guide again for future users.

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I want to add more portals to the cnMaestro Guest Access Portal but it only allows for four groups.
Is there any way to add more portals or do we need to subcribe?

Hi Albert,

We can have only 4 guest access portals for ESS account. Subscription is required for more than 4 guest access portal.

Raja M