cnMaestro - Make device templates available via the API


It would be very helpful, for third party integrations with cnMaestro, to be able to fetch how many templates are in cnMaestro along with their name, id, and other information to be able to determine and select which one should be pushed to a device.


I'm on board with this suggestion; the more we can automate interrogation the better.  To expand on this, I would love the ability to upload and/or edit templates via the API interface as well; it could make synchonizing with version control considerably easier.


Jacob Barnard

Hey Cambium - I think it's reasonable to expect a reply from a Cambium employee within a week on community suggested ideas - don't you agree?

Jacob - We do our best to review and respond to these ideas... the cnMaestro team is spread very thin, and may take a bit longer to respond.

Poking this one again - I could use this feature right now :)

If we could get full CRUD operations on templates, I think I could die happy.  Imagine cnMaestro templates being kept safe and sound in a version control system, and on updating these repos the CI/CD build process verifies their syntax and, if passing, reaches out to the cnMaestro API to update the target template with the changes.

We could even compartmentalize template segments to assemble a completed configuration and minimize the number of files to manage: a generic file with all universal settings, one with RF-specific settings, and another with network settings.

I already implement this, but have to manually construct complete templates and manage them through the UI - automation would be a wonderful feature.


Any updates on interest in this request from our Cambium folks?