cnMatrix configuration failing to sync with cnMaestro

Hi all,

I have set up my network which includes 2 cnMatrix switches and 12 cnpilots. I configured everything before onboarding the switches. Now they are onboarded but in cnMaestro there configuration appears to be out of sync and refuses to sync when I click on "sync configuration". The error I keep getting is "Configuration failed: issPortCtrlEntry issPortCtrlInbandAutoNeg Error SNMP_ERR_COMMIT_FAILED"

I must say that after onboarding I did make some configuration changes directly on the switches as I cannot find where is the configuration for cnMatrix in cnMaestro. I do find the tab for configuration but I cannot find the settings as they are on the switch'es local interface.... and this is my first touch with cnMaestro ans Cambium in general!

Any help?

Hi deltanet,

When you edit a Switch Group there is a Switch Ports tab at the top that will be populated based on devices mapped to the Switch Group.  There is some additional configuration available there.  Also, at the device level there is a Configuration tab that has Advanced Settings at the bottom for other device-specific configuration and overrides.

What settings are you looking for?

Regarding the error you're seeing, I've forwarded this to one of my colleagues to follow up later.

Thanks Jordan.

Hi deltanet,

Can you please send me the output of 'show running-config' and 'show system info' on the switch so I can analyze the root cause and provide possible solution.

From the error message it looks like port autonegotiation/speed configuration using CLI causes problem with cnMaestro configuration.


Hi, indeed I found the settings in the switch group configuration. I also found the advanced settings at the device level. 

I am not looking for something specific at this point. I am trying to learn cnMaestro as fast as possible because I will have to deliver the switches to the customer and I need to know I can make configuration changes remotely. I will explore the configuration possibilities through cnMaestro to compare with CLI and local GUI to see if everything is there.

It seems that cnMaestro user guide explains the wireless device management and does not give much info on other devices, like the cnMatrix.

Hi TamN, I am attaching the output for both commands, for both of my switches.

I did not do anything with the port autonegotiation/speed configuration using CLI or the local GUI.

Hi TamN. I am following up on this issue hoping you had the chance to take a look at it. 

I have tried to make some minor changes (i.e. admin down unused interfaces, change descriptions, etc) using cnMaestro just to force a configuration save through cnMaestro hoping to also force a configuration sync. The changes were passed to the switches but the configuration is still out of sync.

I also realized that the 13 VLANs I created through CLI do not show in the cnMaestro. Only VLAN 1 exists in cnMaestro. This is a major problem since I do need the VLANs and a way to manage them! My whole design is based on these VLANs!


The configuration made on cnMaestro overrides configuration made through CLI or Web. For instance, if VLANs 2, and 3 are created on cnMaestro, upon config sync, the switch will only have VLANs 2, 3. To create new VLANs in cnMaestro, please refer to attached Screenshot_VLAN. Also attached is a quick introduction of the Switch Group which can be downloaded from Cambium Support site.

After the config sync is applied successfully, cnMaestro will display 'In Sync' for the switch. If VLAN configuration is modified using CLI/Web, cnMaestro will detect the config change, and will display 'Out of Sync'.


Thank you for getting back.  The reason I tried to do minor changes on the configuration using cnMaestro was to override the CLI configuration. However, the sync error is still there!

Did the problem start because I configured everything with CLI before onboarding the switches?

If I understand your feedback, do I have to recreate all VLANs on cnMaestro? What will happen to the VLANs I created with CLI then? Using cnMaestro or the web GUI to do the work I did with CLI will take too much time, a luxury I do not have with this customer.

Is there a way to download the running config (the one I did with CLI) on cnMaestro and then send it back to the switch through cnMaestro, including the VLANs? Will this trick cnMaestro?


When the switches are managed inside a Switch Group on cnMaestro, the actual configuration on the switch follows the cloud configuration. Switch group and Switch Ports have default configuration, and that will be pushed onto the switch. For example, by default a switch group will have only VLAN 1, and all ports are members of VLAN 1. When you create a new VLAN 2 and assign ports in VLAN 2 using CLI, and after config sync, switch will replace its current configuration by cnMaestro configuration: VLAN 2 will be deleted and all ports are in VLAN 1 in this case. 

Yes, you need to use cnMaestro to config the switch group and switch ports. This includes create new VLANs, assign ports to VLANs and set the proper native VLANs (using Switch Ports configuration tab).

As you may notice, not all the switch configuration is currently available in Switch Group/Switch Ports in cnMaestro. For those configurations, you can still use CLI/Web to configure the switch and their settings remain after configuration sync. We will be supporting additional configuration on cnMaestro in future releases.

You can contact me at if you need further clarification or help with using the Switch Group in cnMaestro.


Hi TamN,

I opened a support case -Ticket (223814)- as I need to sort this out the soonest possible. 

In the meantime I went ahead and created the VLANs, the L3 VLAN interfaces I need for in-band management and default route, using the cloud. After doing this, the switches somehow left the switch group I had them in and jumped into the default VLAN. While in the default VLAN, the configuration sync status changed to "N/A". I put them back to their switch group and I had the same error "Configuration failed: issPortCtrlEntry issPortCtrlInbandAutoNeg Error SNMP_ERR_COMMIT_FAILED". I would expect the error to be different this time but it did not.

What I did not do yet is change the mode for each interface and define their VLAN membership using the cloud. I will try this today while waiting on support's input.

Should I include you in the e-mails I exchange with support? Any feedback is welcome here as I this is becoming quite frustrating.


I am sorry to hear you are having difficulty with using cnMaestro & cnMatrix. To be able to assist you quickly, please request a live remote session in the ticket. I am available today after 1pm PST.


Hi TamN,

I will add you in the support ticket email and request a live remote session. How is the live remote session done? 1 pm PST is 11:00 pm where I am based (EEST).

Hi, Can you send me your email address and I will invite you in Microsoft Teams for the remote session.

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Hi Marcos, can you confirm if you are available at 7am PST (4pm EEST) Tuesday 3/15? My email address is