cnMatrix EX2028-P if reboot on live network, AP that connected to it will sometimes will not on9 in cnMaestro

As per subject, the port where the AP connected will not show the AP info as per others ports that was power ok (goes on9 in cnm and can ping the AP).
There are quite a few AP connected to the SW, something 1 or 2 AP will not goes back on9 when the sw reboot or a sudden power off and on happen.
At first we thought because of the AP was in dhcp mode, but after we static the IP, it still happen.
We tried to ping the ip but cannot also.
After we disable poe port and enable it after awhile (to reboot the AP) then the AP will come back on9 and we can ping the IP again
Is there any command to see what happening to the sw port while this happen. or any idea why this happening.
AP using (can’t use the recommended by cnm because it seem not stable and no release note)
SW using 4.4-r3 (upgraded from 4.3)

Have same situation on the few 2052:(
No possible to fix it :frowning:
But in my opinion it is cnPilot problem rather that cnMatrix.

Dang, then all we can do is just saying this is a know issues to end user. :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: However we do have another sites that uses E410 but not using Cambium SW and we got multiple times that the sw suddenly power off but nothing the same happen like this. :thinking: :thinking:

I have two 1010P switches in my collection at clients locations , which on shielded cables do not power hotspots on the 802.3AT setting. I had to set Hybrid and everything works :slight_smile:
Maybe you should set Hybryid in PoE on the switch on this port and it will work?


Did the APs lose power when it went offline? Does the problem happen only on particular APs?

How many E410 are connected to this switch? The EX2028-P has the max PoE budget of 400W. I doubt that the switch is low on PoE power in which it will start pruning power on the AP. The AP is classified for class 4 which can draw max of 30W, but I have not seen they are using anywhere near 30W. Other possible cause for the AP to lose power is if the AP at some point draws more power than the max allowed for its class. The switch would turn off the PoE on the port momentarily when this happens. A workaround is to set the port’s PoE mode to hybrid. Last possible cause is something wrong with the AP.
Next time when the symptom occurs, SSH connect to the switch and execute the following commands:
show system info
show power inline
show power detail
show power inline measurement
show logging

For me it looks like this.
The switch reboots and then one or two devices do not get up.
The port shows a voltage of 2.4 W, you cannot ping devices.
Just Toggle PoE and the hotspot will start up normally.
I don’t know if this problem occurs on 5.0.1, on older versions it was noticeable.

Thanks Pshemo for the description.
What’s the cnpilot model? What’s power consumption by other ‘working’ APs?
When these 2 devices are working after toggling switch port’s PoE, what’s their power usage?
On the switch can you see the AP’s LLDP info (CLI command ‘show lldp ne detail’)?
I will try to reproduce the symptom in the engineering lab. Can you provide me the following details?

  • switch’s software version
  • cnpilot model & software version
  • number of cnpilots connected
  • Is the symptom intermittently or does it happen every time switch reboots?

software affected 4.4, 4.6 (5.0.1 - till now silence :wink: )
12 cnPilots soft 4.2.3
72 of 400W
Symptoms after powercycle

i dont think AP lose power base on the port SW showing like in the picture. Its just doesnt show the AP info.

Lucky (literally) this happen again today and we manage to take the thing u ask.
device_response (2).txt (146.6 KB)

will try the Hybrid thingy later

I have the following setup in my lab. I have not seen similar symptom so far.

EX2028-P on 4.4-r4
12 E410s connected to EX2028-P. No Wifi clients.
All APs came up, each consumed about 4.5W

Powered cycle the switch
All 12 APs came up and consumed ~4.5W after some time.

I didn’t run the ping test or cnmaestro online test as these APs are not onboarded. However, mac addressess of all APs are learned on the switch. LLDPs are learned for all APs.

It doesn’t seem to be the case that the APs draw more power than its class, so hybrid PoE mode isn’t useful here.
Please raise a support ticket so we can assist you further.

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I am seeing this on XV2-22H’s. I have EX2052-P switches with 4.4-r3 and 5.0.1-r4.
XV2-22H’s have 6.5.3-r8 and 6.6-r8.

Hi Toban, how many XV2-22 are connected to the same switch? After switch reboot, did some XV2 fail to connect online? Did you toggle the PoE power to recover the APs? Does it happen every time?
Can you please share the output of CLI command ‘show tech’?

No more than 12 are connected to any given switch. In my case, a reboot of the AP will usually bring them online. In some cases, I change the DNS address then back to the original and then they reestablish communication without rebooting. I have a couple that I can SSH into and can’t HTTPS into. I can get them back online, then some will drop back off after a couple of hours. It is as if a buffer is getting overrun.

Suddenly pull the plug out of the socket and immediately plug it back in, something like a power surge.
This is when it most often happens, but recently after upgrading from 4.6 to 5.0

Hi Toban,

There are some HTTPS and HTTP problems if the user tries to access the UI of AP in 6.6-r8. We are addressing HTTPS and HTTP problems in an upcoming release.


Please create support and provide tech-support for AP and remote access to the setup. we will analyse the issue.

Hybrid port is not the solution (the problem still occurs), we upgraded the sw from 4.4 to 5.0.1 and after sw rebooted, 1 of 3 AP didnt show up on9 in cnm, (can’t ping the AP) (had to disable POE at the port and enable it back) . Attached is the sw tech file after the reboot and the 1 AP already come up on9 in cnm.
device_response.txt (94.9 KB)

Reporting to support seem like no point since AP / SW tech support files is not usefull to finding the problem. can refer # 352380 , we stop the follow up sincewe need to invite support and we cant do that because the account is not control by us and cannot get approval.

I can say one thing.
On version 5.0.1, there are no problems with starting cnPilot e410 after a power loss.
The cause was versions 4.4 to 4.8.
The symptom that several switches were not synchronized with the controller settings after restart also disappeared. Now there is no such thing.

Thanks Pshemo for the update. It would be interesting if other users (Toban, lady.m3lody) have similar result with 5.0.1.

Regarding “The symptom that several switches were not synchronized with the controller settings after restart also disappeared”, do you mean cnmaestro shows switch not in sync after switch reboot? Do you see this behavior on more than one switch?