cnMatrix EX2028-P if reboot on live network, AP that connected to it will sometimes will not on9 in cnMaestro

As replied, we did upgrade to 5.01 but problem still happen.
its happen to about all the sw in the network if there a reboot on the sw (5 - 7 switches per sites).
The sw is in sync after upgrade fw. or after reboot

The lack of synchronization only occurred in my case on 1028 with automatic device recognition set. After restarting, older versions of the software always showed not in sync. I had to manually force synchronization.
There were only cameras on these switches.

Thanks lady.m3lody for the update. My understanding is that you are still seeing 1-2 APs offline after switch running 5.0.1 reboots. The symptom is present on several switches.

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