cnMatrix Switchport modes explained

Summary: This article describes the cnMatrix switchport modes and gives examples of how and when to use them.

Each port on a cnMatrix switch can be configured as access, trunk, or hybrid port. Here's a description of these port types:

Access Mode

A port that can be assigned to a single VLAN. It accepts and transmits only untagged frames. Access port is typically connected to desktop PC or devices incapable of handling tagged frames.

Trunk Mode

A port that is auto associated to ALL VLANs. It accepts both tagged and untagged frames, but only transmits tagged frames. Trunk port is typically connected to another switch or router.

Hybrid Mode

Default mode. A port that can be assigned to multiple VLANs. Unlike a trunk port, user must manually assign hybrid port to selected VLANs. It accepts and transmits both tagged and untagged frames. Hybrid port is typically connected to servers, APs, IP Phones etc. For those engineers that have a Cisco background, the Hybrid port is comparable to what Cisco terminology defines a Trunk port to be.