CnPilot Dual-WAN Failover

This is a feature request for the CnPilot platform.

The short version: I would like the ability to configure LAN ports as a “failover port” for maintaining multiple WAN connections and also to retain the use of current routers with a dead primary WAN port.

The long version: As a company we have a lot of the R190W and the R195W routers with a few of the R200/201 thrown in the mix. We have had a number of routers damaged by storms and other random electrical issues that have knocked out the WAN port on the routers, Yes the equipment is properly grounded, but it still tends to happen, regardless we have a stack of routers that function perfectly fine with exception to a dead WAN port. I did some reading online and found that there are some “open source” firmwares for routers that allow for a configurable dual-wan failover. This would be very useful for customers, more specifically business customers that would like to maintain more then one connection in the event that one fails or in our case where the WAN port is dead one of the LAN ports being the “failover port” can then be used so that these routers are still useful. In theory this could allow a router to be used for wireless access up until the last physical port fails, in which case it it truly done.

I believe you can configure these routers to be AP-only mode. Then you could use the upstream client radio’s NAT and DHCP to fill in as the roll for router.

Thank you for the reply, we regularly use the routers in AP mode also for larger home deployments, What I am talking about is specifically the option to configure a LAN port as a fail over WAN port in the even of dual-service locations(more then one service provider) or in the event as posted that the WAN port is damaged the router can still function as a intenede minus one port.