Router vs Access Point Mode


Is there an option on the R200 and R201 to switch it from Router mode to an Access Point? We frequently have homes where we need two routers for coverage but only the main router needs to hand out DHCP, etc. The second router we just want as an Access Point (bridge basically) where it does not do anything but wireless.

Is this currently an option and if not, can you add an easy toggle in the GUI so our techs can set it up as an AP instead of router? Thanks


You can set up the R200/201 to bridge-only mode. On the WAN page, change the "WAN IP mode" setting to "Bridge".   Make sure "Bridge Type" and "DHCP Type"  are at their default values of "IP Bridge" and "Pass Through" respectively.

For details on other related settings please see page 3-10 of the user manual , which you can access from the support site here.


Hey Trevor,

When we set it up this way, the 2nd router in Bridge mode did not reach out to cnMaestro to be managed. Is it not able to be in the cloud when in bridge mode instead of router mode?

Hi Darin,

You can certainly manage the device using cnMaestro in this mode. However, as the default WAN connection is now bridged, you will need to create another WAN connection for management so that the device gets an IP address that it will use to communicate with cnMaestro.

1) The "service type" of the bridged WAN connection you created is currently MANAGEMENT_VOICE_INTERNET. Change it to INTERNET. See the first screenshot below

2) On the same Network->WAN configuration page, Select the "New connection" option in the "Connection Name" dropbox. Under 'service type' choose 'MANAGEMENT'. You can pick either DHCP or STATIC as the 'WAN IP Mode' depending on your network setup. This will set up a connection for mangement access to the cloud. See the second screenshot below.

3) Save and reboot. On the Status->Basic page verify that the device shows an IP adderess, gateway and DNS server under 'Network Status'->'TR69 Vlan status' (Although this section is called TR69 status, it refers to the status for all management traffic)