cnPilot E600/E501: Help with the Config : Mesh multiple/spider hops

Hi Community, 

Good day!

Can anyone help me to setup (config for WLAN)  this topology.

See attached concept diagram.



Could you please provide us your name, email and country so that we can create a ticket and contact you as per your timr zone and to assist you with the required configuration.

You can also refer the below community Link about how to configure Mesh and WLAN:



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Hi Kimmi, 

Thanks for your prompt response. Already asked/request the support ticket with this. Unfortunately it's been a while yet no clear solution or recommendation with my concern. Hoping that you can also help me regardin this.

for your reference please, the ticket number is 175850.

Thank you.

Can you please share some info to understand topology 

1. AP Type(E501/E600) of each AP(AP1 to AP6).
2. Please confirm if above topology is your requirement. If yes, please share tech-support to