cnPilot Enterprise System Release 4.1.1

System Release 4.1.1 is available for cnPilot Enterprise WiFi devices, E4xx/E5xx/E6xx/E7xx. Firmware and full release notes are available at

New Features

  • Speedtest from Access Points
  • NAS Identifier, NAS IP and Called Station ID options

Speedtest from Access Points

Speedtest can be used to measure speed across the WAN to Cambium hosted servers. The CLI output displays uplink and downlink speed in Mbps. You can also host your own server in your data center and measure bandwidth to it using the ETSI option and specifying the URL. The server software can be obtained from the LibreSpeed project at GitHub.



cnPilot-E400-202(config)# speedtest etsi

  <server url> <download MB> <upload MB>

Example with private server:

cnPilot-E400-202(config)# speedtest etsi 200 200
Your IP is 10.110.240·202 - private IPv4 access
Latency: 14.5ms Jitter: 1.3ms
Download: 169.53Mbps Upload 93.93Mbps

Example with public server:

cnPilot-E400-202(config)# speedtest etsi
Your IP is
Test server located in Singapore, Singapore
Latency: 57.4ms Jitter: 2.0ms
Download: 24.48Mbps Upload 26.00Mbps

:point_right: Note: Cambium hosted server is chosen automatically

NAS Identifier, NAS IP and Called Station ID options

MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB) feature is provided with additional NAS Identifier, NAS-IP and Called Station ID configurations under AAA configuration section.


Tracking Product Description
FLCN-8265 All L2GRE support over PPPoE interface
FLCN-8222 e400, e500, e501S, e502S, e425H and e505 Kr00k v2 vulnerability fix
FLCN-7953 All Auto-RF will restart on:
  • Disabling followed by enabling Auto-RF
    Channel assignment changed from Static to Auto
  • Radio off followed by on
Improving Auto-RF statistics
  • Channel Utilization, Packet Error Rate and NAV are shown even when Radio is configured with static channel
  • Show Auto-RF channel-info will display ICA status like
    • ICA started
    • ICA in progress
    • ICA Completed
    • ICA Completion time
    • Off Channel Scan status
  • Show wireless radio rf statistics updated with
    • ICA
    • PER
    • NAV parameters
  • Updating Channel Utilization, Packet Error Rate and NAV when radio is configured to operate with static channel
FLCN-7769 All Increasing the ePSK maximum limit:
  • 1024 maximum limits for e410, e430, e510, e600 and e700
  • 600 maximum limits for e400, e500, e501S, e502S, e505 and e425H
FLCN-7763 All Customization of NAS-IP configuration
FLCN-7556 e425H and e505 Improved Packet Error Rate efficiency

Fixed Issues

Tracking Product Description
FLCN-8840 e500 Incorrect TX power with Japan country setting
FLCN-8664 All Rectified issues in displaying RF quality index (Radio 1 and Radio 2) in AP dashboard.
FLCN-8605 All Support to disable Channel Hold Time in Auto-RF configuration
FLCN-8603 All Fixed default NAS-ID behavior issue seen in previous releases and 4.1-r3. By default, NAS-ID is set to device host name.
FLCN-8197 e410, e430 and e500 Fixed device and radio stability issues like device offline, radio off, factory default and client disconnection.
FLCN-8169 e600 BLE scan report carrying MAC address all bytes as zero
FLCN-8105 All Fixed Express Wi-Fi XWF specific memory corruption issue.
FLCN-7920 All Fixed PPPoE uptime issue as seen in 4.1-r3
FLCN-7637 All Fixed SCMD cores issues
FLCN-5879 All wifid crashes when WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time attribute sent via CoA

Known Issues

  • FLCN-9296 (All) L2TPv2 process will restart randomly with ePSK enabled WLAN profile.
    Workaround: None
  • FLCN-8855 (e600/e700) Ethernet 2 port status shown as up even when port is physically down. This will break MESH link backhaul detection feature to work.
    Workaround: None
  • FLCN-8800 (All) Unable to delete ePSK entries using CLI command “no ePSK username”
    Workaround: Use cnMaestro to edit ePSK configuration
  • FLCN-8119 (e600) With BLE feature enabled, upgrade initiated from cnPilot AP UI may fail with the error message indicating “Upgrade failed: please retry”.
    Workaround: Initiate upgrade operation from cnMaestro
  • FLCN-7809 (e425H/e505) With MU location enabled, CPU utilization will be high, and AP may reload.
    Workaround: None
  • FLCN-6760 (All) Beacons miss observed when AP is operated in channel 179.
    Workaround: None
  • FLCN-6560 (All) In WLAN profile, option to convert DHCP offer to unicast not working.
    Workaround: Disable this option
  • FLCN-6461 (All) AP fragment IP packets with DF=1 bit set to 1 when PMTU is disabled.
    Workaround: Enable PMTU
  • FLCN-6431 (All) Guest access redirection does not work when VLAN 1 interface is removed.
    Workaround: Do not remove VLAN 1 interface
  • FLCN-6417 (All) With DNS ACL enabled cnMaestro hosted guest access does not work.
    Workaround: Whitelist the domain names to allow cnMaestro based URLs.
  • FLCN-6405 (All) UDHCPD process will be restarting very frequently when request option-all is not enabled on any L3 interface.
    Workaround: Enable DHCP request option all at least on one interface.
  • FLCN-6091 (e700, e600 and e500) Failed to login in member AP from CLI after changing the management password twice in master AP GUI in autopilot mode only.
    Workaround: None
  • FLCN-5823 (All) Clients fails to connect to WLAN profile with 802.11r and ePSK configuration.
    Workaround: Disable 11r feature
  • FLCN-5264 (All) Changing VLAN 1 interface from DHCP client to Static IP configuration, does not remove previously learned default gateway in route entry.
    Workaround: Reboot the AP.
  • FLCN-5175 (All) With the RADIUS load balance option configured, if configured RADIUS server is not reachable it will be excluded completely even when RADIUS server comes back.
    Workaround: Keep RADIUS server option as fail over method.
  • FLCN-4974 (All) AP sends wrong channel information on switching channel in case of 802.11k.
    Workaround: Do not enable 802.11k with Auto-RF until this is resolved in a new software release.
  • FLCN-8778 (All) Device reports kernel panic when Auto-RF is enabled on Radio 2 with default channel width.
    Workaround: With Auto-RF enabled on Radio 2, configure channel width either as 20 MHz or 40 MHz
  • FLCN-8657 (All) Client is not able to associate with the AP when IPv6 preference is enabled and AP does not have IPv6 address.
    Workaround: Provide IPv6 address or disable IPv6
  • FLCN-8519 (All) Spectrum analyzer does not show any results
    Workaround: None


Tracking Product Description
FLCN-8193 e410/e430/e510/e600/e700 Sometimes Kernal Panic is seen when L2TPv2 is configured over PPPoE.
FLCN-8778 All Auto-RF is supported with the channel width set to 20 MHz on Radio 1 and 20/40 MHz on Radio 2.
FLCN-8180 All When AP Ethernet is in Trunk Mode with Native VLAN Tagged, the VLAN information is not sent in PBA.
FLCN-8157 All Auto-Pilot deployment is not supported with IPv6. Master and the member AP cannot communicate over IPv6 as IPv6 feature is not supported in Auto-Pilot mode.
FLCN-6211 All No support to add static IP on member APs in Auto-Pilot mode.
FLCN-5775 All Mixed cnPilot models are not recommended in Auto-Pilot deployment mode.
FLCN-5740 e600 Gateway priority does not support WWAN interface.

Some problems with dbm power

Device > sh wireless radios channels PL
100 28 30 0 **
** 104 28 30 0 **
** 108 28 30 0 **
** 112 28 30 0 **
** 116 28 30 0 **
** 120 28 30 0 **
** 124 28 30 0 **
** 128 28 30 0 **
** 132 28 30 0 **
** 136 28 30 0 **
** 140 28 30 0

e500 4.1.1-r5
Device > sh wireless radios channels PL
Interface: radio2 Country:PL
100 25 30 0 **
** 104 25 30 0 **
** 108 25 30 0 **
** 112 25 30 0 **
** 116 25 30 0 **
** 120 25 30 0 **
** 124 25 30 0 **
** 128 25 30 0 **
** 132 25 30 0 **
** 136 25 30 0 **
** 140 25 30 0

e500 28dbm - e500 4.1.1 25 dbm ?
Why ???


Correction of 3dBm is updated only in e400/e500 cnPilot AP’s across all regulatory.

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After short test I can say that on e501 & e502 too :wink:
Only e510 and e505 is still the same :slight_smile:

This is one more curiosity. I have upgraded the firmware on several e510s.
Something strange happened on two of them.
Powers instead of 22/22 are set to 24/25 :slight_smile:
Here is the proof :slight_smile:

Could you please share country configured.

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e500/e501/e502 are of same family of products with Antenna changes.

Problem found, instead of the correct country code, someone in the group set UA (Ukraine). Changed and it is correct :slight_smile:

Have a odd question.Is there a roadmap where the 4.X release will become stable/recommended or the 4.X stuff get backported to 3 ?

Most of the sites I have are on the 4.X train but I have some 3.X sites still remaining that had a couple of teething issues with 4.X when we tried it before.


Please share details of AP models that you have in deployment.

Mix of E410’s,E430h and E510 and E502s

Please provide me details of the following:

  1. Are you looking for any features that are in 4.x but not in 3.x releases

  2. What is present software version used in deployed network

  3. Is there any issue w.r.t instability of device or wireless connectivity issues.

Based on your inputs, I can help you with recommended software version.

Please check what is happening in this version of the software.
E501 device, WWAN disabled in configuration. Error in logs all the time "Feb 11 07:09:27: infrad: WWAN: Interface not found (wwan.c: 60)

These logs are not expected in E501. Will verify and fix the issue in upcoming release.

Thank You.

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going forward 4.X will be main release for cnPilot APs. we are committed to fix any stability / functionality issues found. features set 4.X is superset of 3.X releases.

please share your observation on 4.X and we shall look into it.

I found one more minor problem.
In software 3.x, if the device was MESH powered, there was no “E” symbol in the cnmaestro device tree. in 4.1.1 it shows “E” which may be misleading. E510 modem. Please check it :slight_smile:

Logo E was introduced to determine the Mesh base which is connected to ethernet in a mesh network.

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After 1 hour the E icon disappeared :slight_smile: Now it is clear sorry :slight_smile: