cnPilot R190/R200/R201 & QoS

Hello Everyone,

I'm reading through the configuration guide and it leaves quite a bit to be desired when it comes to QoS.  I have some just obvious questions.  When it says upstream and downstream in kbit/s is that from the perspective of the provider or is that from the perspective of the cnpilot?  Upstream strictly speaking would be upstream to the internet service provider.  Downstream would be down to the local LAN, is that what the question refers to?  Or does the question refer to the Up/Down ration of the internet connection such as having asychronous down/up services which would be common for a wireless provider which the cnPilot is a targetted platform.  A customer might have 20 down and 5 up for example, is that what this is refering to?

Additionally I'm trying to setup up some very basic prefered QoS features for a customer for voice.  So more or less I just need to prioritize DSCP 46 (EF, RTP voice traffic) and I need to prioritize DSCP 24 (Voice Signalling).  How do I go about doing that within the cnPilot, is it as simpl as how I have this configured?

Any insight would be appreciated.  It would also follow that additional information in the configuration document would also be greatly appreciated.

If anyone has any insights on this I would greatly appreciate it.  The configuration document just doesn't give the information necessary.  I have a few customers where I really need to optimize voice, signalling, and video in and out of their networks.


Upstream Traffic :  sending traffic  from cnPilot  to the Internet service provider

Downstream Traffic: sending traffic  from Internet service provider  to  the cnPilot  Device.

Please see screen capture DUT configuation  and direction  of traffic. 

Refer below KB document.

Please let me know if you need any other info to configure the QOS.