cnpilot routers shipping with firmware not compaitble with CNmaestro

Just recieved a large shipment of these routers and they will not connect to CnMaestro! the whole purpose of getting them was to easily input the serial # into CnMaestro so that when a tech installs it the office can then configure the router remotely. Now we have a bunch that we have to manually upgrade firmware to a newer version in order for it connect to CnMaestro so that we can access it remotely? whats the purpose of this it makes the install take longer and more work before we can even deploy them.

Please someone look into this seems like this is a hueg issue! I dont have time to sit and upload firmware manually to over 50 routers at a time!

Please share us more details:

  • cnPilot model number
  • Software versionĀ 
  • cnMaestro cloud/on-premises
  • cnMaestro version

Thank You.Ā 

Thank You for sharing details.Ā 

We will test internally and let you know ASAP.


I can see that these devices are running out dated software, and is no longer supported in cnMaestro.

Can you please drop me an email to discuss this further and find a solution to the issue you are facing.




Dear Ashutosh,

i belive it is not limit to cnPilot routers also happend to cnPilot access point

Okay the solution to this issue is to go into CnMaestro and enable application settings and enable the option to auto update cnpilot R series and once you put in the serial # of the router into CnMaestro and the router will talk to the server but not onboard. The server will push the latest firmware out to the Cnpilot router. 

Tony there is an option to do the same thing on E-series Access points..

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