cnPulse: CMM5 Deployment

cnPulse can be deployed as the 1PPS sync source for a CMM5.  In this mode, the cnPulse is connected from it's AUX Output port to the CMM5 Injector SYNC IN Port.  This cable is an RJ-45 8 pin to an RJ-21 6-pin.  A pre-made 20m shielded cable with the correct pinouts can be purchased from Cambium (N000000L125A) or can be constructed by the installer.  In this mode, cnPulse receives power from the CMM5 injector and generates a 1PPS signal along with GPS satellite statistics.  The statistics and sync status can be monitored in the CMM5 controller GUI or SNMP interface. 

A diagram of this deployment is shown below:

CMM5 mode.jpg