cnPulse: Synchronizing two radios with one cnPulse

When deploying multiple PMP 450i or PMP 450m AP's on a tower, it is possible to use one cnPulse module to synchronize both radios.  This is done by connecting ODU 1 via the AUX port mode and ODU 2 via the in-line CambiumSYNC mode.  In this configuration the power to cnPulse is redundant and resilient. If the ODU providing power from the AUX port fails, the cnPulse will continue to operate from the power provided via the in-line POE power.  The resilience applies in the opposite direction as well.  Switchover is immediate and non-disrupting.  See the diagram below.

This is different from the way it was done previously with the uGPS.  The uGPS used both AUX ports but required a separate power supply to power the uGPS.  With cnPulse, there is no need for a separate power supply.

 Syncing two radios with one cnpulse 2.jpg